November 8, 2016

Water Rides | Fire Island

Water taxis and beautiful surroundings! 

One of the things I enjoy the most when I'm back in Fire Island Pines, is the boat rides. To go from one part of the island to another, there're two ways, either walk by the beach which might take you around an hour each way or your best bet, the water taxi or ferry! 

For this outfit look, I decided to pair up a couple of items that I haven't tried together before, and the best part, I actually didn't plan or prepared this look ahead of time, but I was very happy with the outcome.  Here, I paired up this nice and lose orangey shirt from H&M. I love how every time I look at this shirt or wear it, I get summer season feelings back into my head. I paired it up with these nice high waste navy blue pants, along with a skinny brown belt from Forever 21. Since summer was about to end, I wanted to wear the most out of my Zara leather sandals, because I think this summer might've been the last season I got to wear them, since they are starting to brake apart, but I'm very happy they have last me for a good 3 years.

For accessories, I end up wearing my big beach yellow hat from H&M, and to match, my gold sunglasses from Forever 21. I just love how summery this outfit looks, and it was the right outfit for such beautiful surroundings. After almost spending all day in this outfit, I was very happy my hat didn't blow away because of how fast the water taxi was going, but I can't wait to be taking them again when I go back next year. That's all for today and I'll see you on my next post! 



Forever 21 Pants 

Zara Leather Sandals 

H&M Round Hat 

Forever 21 Sunglasses 

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