January 18, 2017

Old San Juan | Puerto Rico

Exploring Old San Juan!

On my second day in Puerto Rico, it was time for a small adventure in the beautiful city of Old San Juan. Colorful and cultural, are some of the words I think of, when I think of Old San Juan because no matter where you look, you'll always find a colorful building, and also feel how culture and historical this city is just by walking through it. Here's also, my second outfit look editorial during my stay in Puerto Rico.

I wasn't really sure about what to expect before I arrived to this city, but one thing I was sure of, and that it was going to be colorful thanks to a couple of google photos I researched before leaving New York. Like I mention in my previous post -  Castillo San Cristóbal | Puerto Rico - I wanted to challenge my style inspired by Puerto Rican historical style, and for this look, I decided to keep it classic, but yet, updated by a couple of adjustments. 

Starting from this nice H&M shirt I purchased about a year ago, it match perfectly for the occasion, because thanks to the print, it makes this shirt fun, but yet appropriate for a more formal look, but casual enough for any day. Matched with a classic beige shorts from Gap, to keep a more soft, formal look. Usually, people would be wearing dressy shoes, boat shoes or even sandals, but thank god people invented loafers, which for me, is a mixture of all those kind of shoes into one. Wearing one of my favorite brown loafers from Zara, made this look even more classic and formal for this historical location. You can't forget about accessories, and for this look, I wore one of my new yellow beach hats, along with a new pair of round sunglasses form H&M. 

Exploring this city was actually quite fun, and don't be fooled by its size, this city turned out to be longer when you're trying to walk through it. You guys have no idea on how much I miss Puerto Rico's sunny weather and culture. People were so nice and kind, and learning its history was even more fun than I would've thought. That's all for today and I'll see you all in my next post!


 White Printed Shirt 

Gap Beige Shorts 

H&M Yellow Beach Hat 

Zara Brown Loafers 

H&M Sunglasses 

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