January 2, 2017

What A Year '16!

What A Year 2016!

From exploring local towns, to across the country, 2016 was for sure the beginning of new adventures, new opportunities and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for me! Here are some of my favorite posts through out the year!

January - Green Shade - Surprisingly, 2016 started off a bit warm, perfect for a nice day to explore a new place in town, and perfect to wear a light coat. Wearing my back-then new green coat from Former 21, I was really happy to enjoy that particular moment with one close friend's, aka, work wife! 

February - Black Space - Once again, a new season of New York Fashion Week, and compare to January, this month was cold as F**K. Seriously, there are no other words that can help me describe how horrifically cold it was in New York during Fashion Week, but I'm really happy I got to met some of our readers, and have the opportunity to attend to my back-then 5th season of NYFW.

March - Rock & Roll - The best part about fashion week, is that you get to meet new people talented as you are, or in this case, reconnect with past school buddies. We came up with the idea of bringing you guys, five different updated styles from five different decades, and it was so much fun shooting it, as it was planing it and posting it, and we are also glad you all enjoyed it.

April - Rainy Blues - Rainy days took a turned, thanks to our coach collaboration, rainy days haven't been the same since then. Coach's new shoes and accessories collation, got us craving for more, and it sure brought us a lot of different collections through out the year!

May - Summer Feelings - Summer season was around the corner, and we were ready for get on the road and head to work with for new content. Plus, who doesn't get excited for summer, specially, for a couple of summer vacations already in plan. This was my first time at the beach during 2016, not only did I got to swim in a bit not ready yet, beach water, it sure was fun being in it, after a long winter season.

June - Greener NYC - The weather temperature had raised, and the beauty of nature had come back from a long break, to show off its beauty, and it made it's way to the big apple. There's nothing more fun and relaxing then having to find local parks in New York even if they're located in a gap between two buildings. 

July - Water Splash - The heat was raising a bit too fast, to the point, it was time to spend more time at the beach. Rocking new styles at the beach and enjoying small jogs and sand tans, oh lord, I might be ready to head back to the beach really soon and I can't wait for summer again.

August - Blu Pool - Las Vegas baby! There's no better place to spend your 21st birthday, than Las Vegas! And let me tell you, I can't wait to head back to vegas really soon. Not only was it fun, is so beautiful, and out lot of outdoor activities to do, that I was so glad I got to do this past year. 

September - White Platinum - New York Fashion Week Season again, and this part year, I want to for something a little more edgy, and outstanding, to I went platinum! I never in my life would've think I would do it, but never say never, and just F**K it! I loved the look, and I loved the change it of style if brought to my life, would I do it again? Maybe not in a while, but sure one more time in the long run.

October - Red Rock Canyon - What happens when you have so many posts save in your computer that you haven't post in forever? You end up posting them months later! And that's exactly what happened here, but better late than never right?! Las Vegas, was a dream trip, that I had to hold on for the special occasion of my 21st birthday, and the wait was worth it! From having to explore the Grant Canyon, to fun long hikes in the dessert mountains, can't wait to go back!

November - Hudson River Park - Missing summer season already, and a lot of saved posts, this summer moment during men's fashion week was a fun post to shoot, not only there were more people shooting this look from different angles, I was trying so hard not to fan girl at myself and just kept it professional and kept on posing.

December - On-The-Go! - One of my last photo-shoots of the year, this look took me back to some style basics and share some personal tips in how I maintain my business on-the-go! Definitely, got me flash backing to some fun memories through the year, and end it the way I wanted it, by keeping it simple, and professional. 

2016, was for sure a life changing year, not only in my professional life, but only in my personal life. I have no words in describing this past year, but definitely looking forward more fun adventures, more memorable times with family and friends, and more posts and fun opportunities in 2017! Thank you to all our readers and followers for keep on reading, liking and following our lives and stories, let's make 2017 another successful year!

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