March 6, 2017

Design Shades : Light Blue

Freshness from room to room!

When it comes to adding a fresh feeling to the entire house, you can't never go wrong by adding a light color, like a light blue. Light blue not only adds that freshness feeling to your house, but also a more brighten and open space feeling to it. Here are a couple of ways you can add a bright color like a light blue into your living space.  

Light blue is a great color to play with, because no matter if you already have a room with a combination of lighter or darker colors, adding an item with a light blue color, it will stand out more than the others. Like you can see in a couple of photos below, complimenting lighter or darker colors with light blue, it makes any room more 3D dimensional which gives the room a more open space feeling, and also giving you that touch of freshness.

Some people can be afraid of bright colors, but we encourage everyone to play a little with bright colors, and starting off with some with a color like a light blue, is a great way to start off. Get inspired by some of the inspiring photos below, and get creative! 


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