March 1, 2017



Is winter season, and for us here in New York means, freezing season. Even though spring is just around the corner, we are still struggling with some very low temperatures. And when it comes to low temperatures, we usually expend most of our time indoors, but sometimes staying too much indoors can get boring. Here are a couple of things you can do to enjoy staying home a bit more during this winter season.

One of the things we enjoy doing here at Javiortiz.com is work. We are passionate about our work and we are usually working outdoors, going from location to locations. Unfortunately because of weather conditions, working outdoors has been a bit hard, so we reduce working outdoors and bubble up with work indoors. If you are passionate like us, working in what you love doing, is not a job but a hobbit. We use our indoor time to catch up with work, read magazines or do merchandise in our closets. Finding a hobbit - if you don't have one already - is the best option during winter season.

Besides working or doing our favorite hobbits, how about trying out something new. Here at Javiortiz.com, we like to come up with new ideas, and projects to experiment with. You can try cooking a new dish for dinner, read a different kind of books or if you want to really go dramatic, you can even change things around your house. Changing your routine while staying home, is one of the healthiest things to do, because we believe, everything you do in life, starts from home! 

Stay home, take a nap, relax, and make the best of your indoor season because once warm weather hits, you bet we'll be outdoors more than we will be indoors. If you have to go outside, stay warm and take your vitamins, no one likes to be sick in any season. Hope everyone enjoy this posts and get inspired to do something while you are staying warm indoors, take care!










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