March 31, 2017

March 2017 Favorites

March 2017 

March has come to an end, and for some reason, I feel like the month of March went by way too fast. Here are a couple of items I purchased during the month of March and have been in love with to the point I have been wearing them none stop ever since. 

1) Target Impressions by Isotoner Men's Cognac Moccasin Slipper  During a snow storm mid-March, I decided to stop by a near by Target store. While walking around the store, I came across these slippers, at first I didn't think of punching them, but after getting my shoes wet and dirty and feeling cold because of the snow, these slippers came right on time to warm up my feet. Ever since, these slippers have become "Run out of the house because I'm late" shoes.

2) Target - Grey Fedora Hat - Similar Here  During that same snow storm visit to a Target store, next to the men shoes department, was the men accessories department, while looking through it, I found this grey fedora. I love finding items I don't own yet, like a grey fedora hat, and you know I needed to purchased it at the spot. Just like the slippers, this is available when it comes to run out of the house and cover out my morning hair and still giving me that edgy, fashionable look I love. 

3) FENDI - Karlitos Charm - Similar Here  When I first Fendi's karlitos charms don the runway back a couple of seasons ago, I knew I need to get myself one. Today, I'm happy to own one myself, and this little furry guy, makes all my bags, a little more fun, luxurious, and fashionable. In the last couple of months, I have done a lot of traveling, and this furry guy has for sure getting people's attention everywhere I go. Can't leave the house without it! 

4) H&M Skinny Black Jeans  For some reason, lately, I have noticed to be wearing a lot of black jeans, like these ones from H&M. Must be cause I purchased like 3 pairs of them because each of them were only twenty dollars. But could only be because lately, here in New York, the weather has been a bit crazy, mostly cloudy and rainy and who wants to ruin a good pair of light pants yet? not me! I stay with my black jeans. 

5) GAP French Terry Zip Hoodie  At the begging of March, I flew to Miami for a fun weekend with close friends. Even though it was Miami, and Miami is known for being warm, I end up purchasing this black hoodie from a near by Gap store in Miami Beach because it was mad windy and thanks to my unprepared self, I was really cold. Coming back to New York and dealing with some low temperatures, this hoodie has been keeping me warm! Love how soft and cozy it is, worth the purchased! 

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