April 30, 2017

April 2017 Favorites

April 2017 

This past April not only went by super fast, it was also a busy month. Busy enough for me to fall in love with a couple of new items, some much in love that I even brought back an item from my childhood. Here are my new April 2017 favorites!

1) Old Navy Jean Jacket (Similar Here When I was a child, I used to have a jean jacket that I used to wear mostly everywhere, I was so in love with it that it has been journey finding a similar one just like it till now. I'm not too sure why it took me so long to find a jean jacket similar one like the one I used to have but I was really happy when I did at a local Old Navy store. When I saw this jacket from far away in a rack, I ran to it. Even though I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find my size at first, after looking around the store, I found a mannequin wearing one, I looked at the tag and it was my size, I took it off from the mannequin and purchased it right away before anyone noticed what I just did and ran to my car to put it on. Call me crazy, but I really wanted a jean jacket like the one I used to have when I was a child, and when I found it, no one could've stop me from having it. For this past April, this jean jacket have been heaven, not only is perfect for a casual look, but also very warm and cozy which is why I used to love it when I was a child, and I still do till this day.

2) Nordstrom Navy Blue Cap  It you haven't know by now, or you are new reader, you should know that I like my mornings, and I rather do things early in the morning to enjoy more free time during the day. Because of that I have to follow a morning routine, which requires me to wake up along an alarm, and sometimes when life takes you off track, trying to get back on it can be a bit hard, which sometimes requires you to wake up at last minute and run out of the house just to make it on time to things. Thanks to this hat, those late wake up mornings have been a bit easy and fast because I just I just have to put it on and instant hair fix and thanks to my warm jean jacket featured in this post, this past month those two combine have been a life time saver.

3) Jeffree Star Cosmetics Eclipse Highlighter  When most of your life is base on photos, looking your best most of time can be a bit hard and a bit of help isn't too bad sometimes. For sometime now, I've been a big fan of Jeffree Star, not only because I think he's very talented and I like most of the things he does as a make up artist, plus having make up fans as friends, you know I got the best in the business when it comes to what I should get to look flawless in every picture. This past month, Jeffree came out with this new highlighter in collaboration with one of his good friends, I knew I need to give it a try the moment it came out and be one of the first to try it on. When it comes to make up for myself, looking natural is a big must for me, and this highlighter so far, has been one of the closest shades to my skin tone which makes it perfect for that natural glow I been loving lately, and since I got it, it has been living on the top of my cheeks and will be there for most of the summer season this year.

4) Converse White Sneakers  I could probably say that this year has been a white sneaker kind of year, because I've been using a lot of white sneakers so far this year. For some reason, I really like the way they make every outfit look stand out and give it that fresh well thought out feel to each look. For this past month, I've been obsessed with these white converse sneakers, they go amazing along my jean jacket and navy blue cap which both also featured in this post. These items together have been big last minute run outfit look and like you can see the photo below, I've been using them quite a bit, but they are so comfortable and they go very well with mostly everything I wear them with.

5) Post It Notes Full Adhesive Stick Notes  When it comes to work, I'm a big fan of sticky notes. Not only they are great reminders of things, they are also great to keep you organize. I'm a person who works mostly everywhere, and having me doing that requires me to carry light. Sometimes so light, that I just carry my computer by itself, and thanks to these sticky notes, I now can be reminded when to publish my next blog post. Even though looking for this kind of sticky notes was something that I thought it was just in my imagination, when I found them, they have been a life a change. I like to stick sticky notes on my computer because that's where I spend most of my time looking at and using regular sticky notes, where a pain in the butt because they are too light to stick on my computer and they usually fall a lot, so I though that maybe getting a sticky note with full sticky back might work better and they sure have been. This past April, I've been using them like crazy since I'm working in some fun projects and they are still working me wonders till today. I totally recommend them if you are a busy person like myself. 

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