April 21, 2017

Miami : Photo-Diary

First time in Miami! 

My best friend and I were talking about taking a small vacation during our spring break this year, and when it came time to decided where to go, the first place that came in my mind was Miami. Not only because we haven't been there before, but also because we needed a warmer place to escape to from New York's freezing weather.

Because we booked this trip a bit late, we had to flight to Fort Lauderdale instead to make it to Miami right on our desired day. When the day came for us to head to Miami, I'm not gonna lie, this trip came right on time, because moments after we left New York, apparently started snowing.

After arriving in Miami, it was time to check-in into our Airbnb, even thought I was driving and I accidentally miss understood the GPS we end up getting lost, but luckily we made it right on time for our check-in. When we finally checked-in and enter into our Airbnb, we were speechless with our view of Miami from every room in the apartment, we couldn't resist than to take a million pictures along with the amazing views. No time was being wasted, and minutes after arriving to our Airbnb, it was time to change and head out for our first adventure, Jet Skiing. Though I've done snow jet skiing before, water jet skiing was definitely a new experience for me. Not only I was a bit scared at the beginning of driving it, after I got used to it, no one would stop me. After about two hours of jet skiing in Miami's beautiful beach water, it was time to head out to explore the town of Miami Beach. After being shocked for finding parking for one dollar an hour, we walked around Miami and headed straight to the beach to enjoy a bit of sun before sunsets. When sunsets finally occurred, we headed back to our Airbnb, changed and headed out for dinner in Miami Beach. One thing we realized during our weekend getaway in Miami Beach, is that those big ass drinks are really big for just one person, so I suggest to share one with someone instead of ordering one individually, or unless you want to be drunk. When dinner was over, we headed back to our Airnbnb to relax after such an adventurous day we have had.

The next morning, originally we had plan to travel to Key West for the day, but we were so fascinating with Miami, we decided to skip Key West for this time, and enjoy more of Miami. While getting ready to head out, I was planning a last minute to-do-list for the day, and one of the things I wanted to do, was to go bike riding around Miami. After parking again in our favorite one dollar an hour parking lot, we got to explore a bit more of Miami's day time life. We walked around for almost one hour, to the point, I couldn't resist myself than to rent a CitiBike, and started bike riding around the urban areas of this amazing city. See more of my bike ride adventure in my latest outfit look editorial "Citibiking In Miami Beach". While riding bike by a beautiful park near the beach, we came across a frozen yogurt place, and not sure why, but honestly, lately, I've been craving a lot of frozen yogurt, maybe could be because is so good. By the time we were finishing with our frozen yogurts, we realized our CitiBike rental time was about to inspired, so we had to run to the nearest CitiBike location to return the bikes. Luckily, we arrived right on time! Because it was late in the after noon, we decided to stay in town to enjoy more of Miami Beach life. But before we end up doing anything, the Miami's weather started getting really windy and colder, so a last minute shopping spread was necessary. After getting some really warm sweater and stopping at a couple department stores, we decided to head out to a gay bar since we found out it was gay pride weekend in Miami Beach and also because it was technically our last night in Miami too.

Here's a little secret about me, I got so wasted for New Year's, that I even blocked out and can't remember most of the things that happened that night to the point that I decided that I won't drink much this year. When we arrived to the gay bar, I was happy to have enjoy one drink to cheer for my first time in Miami. Though some others took that phrase with a different meaning, to the point that they got wasted, and even slept in the bathroom floor that night.

For our last day in Miami, we had plan to challenge our fears and go skydiving. Though we left our Airbnb an hour late than the time estimated because of hangover problems, we end up making it to the skydiving place just to find out that they were not jumping anymore for the day because of weather conditions. Though we were sad about not being able to get to do it, we found a replacement activity for the time being, and we decided to go kayaking before it was time for us to flight back to New York. Never in my life did I ever thought of myself doing kayaking, but I'm glad I got to experience it once in my life so far.

After paddling through the waters of Fort Lauderdale, it was time to change to our winter clothes and say good bye to wonderful warm weather and head back home. Even though some flight changes occurred, we were really happy to make it back home right on time for our week to start. If I would have to describe my weekend getaway in one word, would be adventurous, because not only I got to be in a location I've never been before, but I also got to do things I didn't plan on doing in Miami, or ever in my life. I would to give a big thanks to my beautiful best friend, Cynthia for making this whole trip happen and for making this trip a memorable one.  That's all for today, and I'll see you all in my next post!

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