May 1, 2017



Spring is officially here and when we think of spring, we think of many things like spring showers, flowers, and most importantly spring cleaning. We like to compare spring season to new years, because is a great time to make changes and a great time for a fresh start. 

Spring season is the rebirth of nature, weather gets warmer, days are brighter, flowers and trees grow stronger leaving the depressing and cold winter vibes behind. And for us, spring make most of us feel more happier, more energetic and what a better way to embrace that than by making some changes in our lives.

Making changes can be hard sometimes, specially when it comes in leaving things behind, but often we have to let go of somethings to get new ones. One great way to start your spring cleaning, is by starting in yourself. This time of the year is one of the best to start on those new years resolutions you haven't gotten to yet. Wether it is to eat more healthy, to exercise more, or just adjusting your daily routine, and this time of the year is great because it make us feel more motivated and in our perspective, is even better than the actual beginning of the year because weather temperatures are cold and depressing and those things can sometimes be hard to overcome when it comes to personal changes. Once you feel self motivated in changing something in your life, getting rid of physical items like that dress you wore to dinner ten years ago and still has a wine spill in it or that lamp you got to read more books at night which now is screwing with your sleep. Things like these are great examples of what to get rid of. 

We love to collect items that remind us to good moments in our lives, but not everything is to keep. Some items are more memorable than others and some don't even bring us good memories at all. The more we keep on collecting, the less space we have to make and collect new memorable moments. Spring cleaning is not just about personal and physical changes, spring cleaning is about personal grow. Little things make big changes and making then aren't so easy but they sure make a big difference. We recommend everyone to do a little spring cleaning in your house, in your office and in your life. That's all for today and we'll see you all in our next inspiration wall post. 

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