May 3, 2017

Work On The Go

Get work done even on the go!

One of the best parts about my job is working on the go. Even though is convenience, it can be tough sometimes because of schedule or because of life in general. But today I'm sharing a couple of tips to help you get all your work done more affectedly and on time. 

One of the first things I like to do at the beginning of each week is to make a check list for the things I need to get done for that week. When I started using check lists, I noticed the regular check list format wasn't filling all my needs, so I created my own form of check list that includes both time for work and personal duties. Because I manage my own personal work time, it sometimes can be hard to  follow because work time is basically everyday any time but I manage to set a time of eight hours for five days to focus on work on the regular but when it comes to traveling that can be hard to get done because of location. By planning my check list at the begging of each week helps me time my work around my location and that helps a lot specially when it comes to projects with due dates.

There are specific things I use to get my work done, like my computer, my camera and a folder I keep around with blank paper and my current check list. It might sound like I walk around light but in reality is a lot of things to carry at once. Most of the time I'm traveling, I can't carry around my computer or my work folder and that can be hard to get work done. I'm a big apple fan and luckily I rely on iCloud sharing. Every time  I work on a project, I like to upload everything on my computer and I make sure all my stuff is shared with my other devices like my iPhone and iPad. Sharing all my stuff with my other devices gives me the ability to use them to get work done, even though is not as uncomfortable as sitting down in front of my computer, it is convenience if you have to show case your current work to clients you might come across or just think of ideas for future projects. 

I use a lot of things to get my work done, but one of the things that helps me a lot is to stay organized. No matter if you have an office or work on the go like I do, staying organize is the most important thing. Not knowing where stuff is, or losing important information is a call of bad organization and a disaster, so try to avoid it by staying organized. 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm still a human being and sometimes we forget that we are, and yeah staying organized, creating check lists are very helpful when it comes to get work done, but one thing we really need is motivation. When we are motivated with our work, there's nothing who can stop us from doing it and staying motivated every day is hard, so taking a breath once is a while isn't bad. We forget that work can be fun and enjoy full and taking a step back at it can be hard sometimes, so don't take it too seriously. Hope everyone find these tips helpful and motivational in getting things done. That's all for today and I'll see you all in my next post. 

Photos by Dimitri Ramos Exclusively for Javiortiz.com


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