June 30, 2017

May & June 2017 Favorites

May & June 2017 

May and June sure went fast, but a lot of things have change. From weather conditions, to even my own personal summer style. These items have been a great help for quick and last minute outfit looks ideas, and even carrying things around when least expected. Here are some of my favorite items in the last two months. 

1) H&M Grey Hoodie (Similar Here  If you follow my personal social networks, you might have see this sweater in a lot of my recent #JVOOTD looks, specially during my visit to California early this June. During my visit to San Francisco thinking it was going to be nice and warm because it was June, it turned out to be nice and chilly. Unfortunately, I didn't pack as many sweaters as I wish I did, I end up making a last minute purchase at H&M. You have no idea how much I wore this sweater during my visit to San Francisco and through out the rest of California. I'm highly glad I made the purchase.

2) H&M White Knitted T-Shirt (Similar Here  If haven't noticed already, I featured this T-shirt in my "Seeking Warmer Days" Outfit Look Editorial during my visit to Miami early last march. Ever since, I've been dying to wear this T-shirt again during summer season. Luckily, summer season has hit and I've been loving this T-shirt to the point I wish I own multiple of them. This T-shirt is not your basic white T-shirt, is actually fresh and breathable. I love wearing this T-shirt for a long day of outdoor activities like going for a walk by the ocean, or just hanging out in a local park, this T-shirt keeps me fresh all day.

3) Zara Light Brown Loafers (Similar Here  Even though I purchased this loafers a long time ago, for some reason, I wore them a lot during the end of May and early June. I did end up having a lot of formal events during those times, but most of my outfit looks were inspired by these loafers, and I sure made some good looking outfit looks thanks to these loafers.

4) Aldo Backpack (Similar Here  When I'm on vacation, I tend to mostly always have a backpack with me where ever I go. Unfortunately, during my visit in San Fransisco, the backpack I was carrying was stolen. Since I didn't brought any other bags with me, I needed to purchased a new one. While last minute shopping, I came across this Aldo backpack, which I've been using a lot more than my usual work bag which luckily I left at home before heading to California.

5) Target Pink Shorts (Similar Here  Even though I planned to wear these shorts during my visit in Miami, unfortunately, I didn't get to wear them at all. So,  I brought these shorts with me to California, in which I wore more I thought I was, and funny enough, I'm wearing them right now while righting this post. These shorts are so fun to wear, and seriously adds that summer touch look most of us want from an outfit look during summer season.

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