July 5, 2017

Central Park, NY

Beautiful sunny day in Central Park, NY! 

A few years back, I remember the first time I stepped into Central Park in New York City. My first thought of it was, "Damn, this park is huge" and I wasn't wrong about that. This park is so huge, it has made history my itself and in my life. 

For my first visit to Central Park, I was accompanied by my Dad and Brother. I remembered we walked thorough almost the entire west side of the park after having spent almost all morning at the Natural Museum Of History. Unfortunately, my dad passed away two years ago, and every time I'm in this park, I get reminded of that particular moment in my life. But luckily for me, I still continue to make good memories in this park, like having my first ever picnic and for my birthday. Also, Central Park is even located between so many of my favorite museums, which makes it hard not to miss.

For this Outfit Look Editorial, I was inspired by the beautiful colors of the tress and plants, specially during the warm seasons of New York City. While shopping around for this outfit look, I want a very nice floral print that wasn't too busy with color or design. When I found this Nick Graham's shirt, I felt in love with it at the moment. I decided style this shirt with a pair of green pants from H&M which I found on clearance. You know you can't never go wrong with a good sale. To add a chic touch, I finished this look with a pair of green sneakers because let's be honest, when you're in a park, you'll be walking and sometimes a lot. And who can forget a good pair of sunglasses like the ones I wore from Aldo. Which I was really happy when I found out that they finally come out with new items. Yeah, Aldo, welcome back! Hope everyone enjoy this outfit look as much as I did putting it all together. That's all for today and I'll see you all in my next post. 


 Green Pants  

 Nick Graham Shirt 

Nike Green Sneakers 

Aldo Sunglasses 

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