August 11, 2017

Southampton, NY

Back In the Hamptons, NY! 

When it comes to summer season, many people like to go on vacation to different countries or somewhere far to locations where usually is warmer year around. For me, I like to go on vacation to those places where is only warmer during the summer time and one of them includes the Hamptons! 

In the last two years, I have noticed that there are a couple of places I like to visit the most during summer season and that's because they're either only open or is more fun during this time of the year. One of those locations is the east of Long Island, where the Hamptons is located.

When I think of the Hamptons, I think of a luxurious, relaxing and very summery style kind of place and that's exactly what it is! For this outfit look editorial, I decided to shoot during a morning Starbucks run.  There's nothing like going for a walk in the village and just enjoy some sun. A long the way, is also fun to check out some vintage stores & learning more about the area by reading some local magazines and new papers. 

For this look, I tried to keep fresh and very casual by wearing a black and white stripes t-shirt from H&M and a pair of navy blue shorts from J-crew. As usual, I like to add my own personal style by rolling up the ends of my shorts and since it was a very sunny morning, I decided to roll up my t-shirt sleeves as well. Sometimes in the mornings I don't feel like dealing with your hair, so I just throw on this grey fedora hat and a pair of sunglasses from H&M and it made me feel like a runway fashion icon. I couldn't be comfortable without walking in the air in these Nike black sneakers which there're perfect for long walks and believe me when I say, there's a lot of walking in the Hamptons. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this look and I'll see you all in my next post! 


 White & Black Stripes T-Shirt  

H&M Navy Blue Shorts 

H&M Grey Fedora Hat  

Nike Black Sneakers 

Old Navy Gold Sunglasses 

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