August 23, 2017

Wolffer Estate Vineyard

Wine tasting in the Hamptons!

Eastern Long Island is knowing for many things, from its famous towns and beaches to even wine tasting. I'm not a big drinker, but ever since turning twenty-one, I always wanted to go to one, and today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite ones.

I first heard of The Wolffer Estate Vineyard while scrolling on Instagram a couple of years ago. It caught my attention because of how beautiful the location looked and also because I was feeling hyped in finally getting to be able enjoy some adult activities! This summer season I got the change to visit this location for a third time. I would say the first time was somewhere three years ago when I was nineteen. Even though I wasn't allow to drink any wine, I got to satisfied myself by being in such beautiful and unique location.

From the moment you drive-in, to the moment you sit to enjoy your wine, The Wolffer Estate keeps it classic and formal through out your entire visit. This year's visit was special because I was finally allow to drink some wine and believe me, I enjoyed each one of them.

To make keep up with the classic and formal design of the location, I decided to wear this H&M bird printed t-shirt that I felt in love with once I saw it. Thought they didn't have my actual t-shirt size, I decided to go for one size bigger than mine. To add that formal and classic look, I wore a pair of white pants and styled it with my famous white fedora hat and comfortable white leather sneakers. Like I usually mention, you can't leave the house without a good pair of sunglasses. For this outfit look, I wore a black pair of sunglasses from Target.

Though I was feeling a bit tipsy at the end of my first wine tasting round, I was feeling fine enough to walk through a couple of the wine yards. Like some people say, wine is better when is with good company and I was really happy to have enjoyed this lovely day with someone very special. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this outfit look and I'll see you all in my next post!


 Printed Shirt 

Express White Pants 

Coach White Leather Sneakers  

Forever 21 White Fedora Hat 

Target Sunglasses 

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