October 18, 2017

Port Jefferson, NY

Day trip to Port Jefferson, NY!

Have you ever get the feeling of just wanting to run away somewhere far but yet you remember you have to go to work and take care of personal business the next day? Yeah, that happens to me a lot, but lucky for you, I'm a great fan of day trips! And today I'll be taking you to Port Jefferson, NY! 

For those who don't know, I don't actually live in New York City, but I do live in the state of New York. (New York City is just a couple of minutes away) and yes, I do get the feeling of running away to another country and just leave it all behind, but let's get real, not a lot of people can do that when you have responsibilities. That's why I became fan of day trips! 

If you really think about it, there are a lot of things to do not too far away from your house. You might think your town is boring, but that doesn't mean all towns are boring. From where I live, there's a little town about forty minutes to an hour drive that I always wanted to explore! Though I won't lie, I did visit this town before, but actually never got the change to actually walk around it and explore it a bit more closer. Port Jefferson, is located in North East of Long Island, NY and the perfect timing to visit this location is during the summer time or early fall season! According to my friend's recommendations, Port Jefferson has a good variety of bars and restaurants. Bars and restaurants that I haven't been able to go yet, but for this mini day trip, I did get to explore two local restaurants, and a couple of local shops. Something about a local store always speak to me. I love the idea of growing a business and keeping it local, is like homemade food you know you can't get anywhere you go. 

For this outfit look editorial, I decided to wear this Express burgundy sweater that I actually purchased last year and I haven't got the change to wear it yet. I paired this sweater with a pair of light beige pants to make the burgundy stand out a bit more. A long with one of my favorites fedora has and though it was a bit cool when these photos were taking, I wore my Gucci fur slippers. As tradition, I can't leave the house without a good pair of sunglasses, and for this look I wore these light brown shades.

After expending a good amount of time out exploring Port Jefferson, one thing I would say! I'll be back! Not only because I love the amazing love and closer of the community, but also because is good to experience different kinds of air once in a while! That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this post, and I'll see you all in my next post! 


Burgundy Sweater  

Kohl's Light Beige Pants 

Gucci Fur Slippers  

H&M Light Grey Fedora Hat 

H&M Light Brown Sunglasses 

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