November 24, 2017

First Time In California #2

Sequoia National Park & Los Angeles!

No crime would let me stop from enjoying one of the best birthday presents of my life. Continuing with my California exploration and experience, after visiting Oakland and San Francisco, it was time for a road trip to Los Angeles.

- Sequoia National Park 

While heading to Los Angeles, I decided to make a quick stop at Sequoia National Park. Months before this trip, I find out about this park and I knew I needed to visit this park one day when I visit California. Luckily for me, I got the chance to do so sooner than I thought. The drive through this park was wild, but a great experience. Seeing in person some of the biggest trees in the world, was a breath taking moment I will never forget.

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- The Beverly Hills Hotel

All right, I won't lie, one of the first things I wanted to do once arriving to Los Angeles, was to visit the neighborhood of Beverly Hills. I really wanted to know what this neighborhood was all about. My first stop was the famous and luxurious, The Beverly Hills Hotel. When I walked into this hotel,  I felt like a movie star. I felt in love with the tropical glamorous theme of this hotel, so much I couldn't stop taking pics of it. 

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- Beverly Gardens Park & Four Seasons Hotel 

After visiting beautiful The Beverly Hills Hotel, my next stop was to visit the famous Beverly Hills Sign. I couldn't leave this town without taking a good picture along with it. I was actually really surprised in how beautiful this small little park was. After taking a millions selfies, I decided to continue exploring the neighborhood and doing some shopping at Rodeo Drive. Later on, I found myself at other famous hotel, this one being mostly famous by the movie "Pretty Woman". The Four Seasons Hotel was so luxurious and upscaled, I felt like Vivian when she first walked into this hotel, amazed!

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- TCL Chinese Theater & Walk Of Fame

I made it to Hollywood! Well, kind of! After exploring the neighborhood of Beverly Hills, it was time to head to Hollywood Blvd. Where we got to see a lot of L.A's famous land marks, like the TCL Chinese Theater. Even though I didn't get to explored the inside of this theater, I did get the chance to finally be right outside of it and admired it from a distance. Another thing I was able to do in Hollywood Blvd., was to try recognized a lot of the famous names on the walk of fame. I honestly walked more than I thought I would and I still can't believe I was standing right where a lot of these famous people once stood. I was fan girl-ing the entired time!

- Urban Lights

Have you ever know of a place, but not really sure where it is or what is called, you just know it exist? That's exactly how I felt about these Urban Lights. I remember the first time I saw this place in the internet, but never actually the chance to know more about it. I just hoped I get to go there one day and hoping it wasn't an actual movie set. Well, surprise surprised, it wasn't a movie set and it's an actual thing in Los Angeles. 

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- Walt Disney Concert Hall

Growing up, I remember almost every music or movie award was hosted in this location. Even till this day, many awards and concerts are still being host in this location, and I wanted to take a quick visit in it. Just like a felt being in the Walk Of Fame, I felt in this location. Just thinking of those famous and many inspiriting people that have being in this location, is just speechless and very honoring.

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- OVE Skyspace LA

After a lovely inspiring moment at the Walk Disney Concert Hall, it was time to let it go! Literally, letting it go sliding through a glass slide located 70 floors high. Before heading out to California, one of my best friend's wanted to visit this location in her behave, and I couldn't say no to it. Though it was really cloudy and not much could be seen, I still had a lot of fun naming and figuring out some visible location from a far. 

- Hollywood Sign

Who else love hiking? I know I do! There are a lot of land marks you must see if you ever visit Los Angeles, and one of them is the Hollywood sign. Though there isn't an oficial location for you to see this sign from, you can manage to see it from may locations round it. One of the best views, is by going for a small hike. If you're not really into hiking, give it a try, believe me, the view is worth it.

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- Griffith Observatory

Not sure how many of you like to do things when you travel, but when it comes to me, my internal exploring self wants to see it all. That's exactly what I got to see from the Griffith Observatory, I got the chance to see the entire city of Los Angeles. Though I didn't get the chance to see it earlier in my visit to Skyspace because it was really cloudy. By the time I got to visit Griffith Observatory, the sky was nice, bright and blue, a combination for a perfect view of this amazing city. 

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- Warner Brothers Studio

After a couple of days of extreme exploration of Los Angeles, it was time to get to work and finally announced the real reason of this visit, I'm making my own life movie!Just kidding, but after being and touring the Warner Brothers Studio in Hollywood, the making of a movie of my personal life in now in my bucket list. Though I couldn't take pictures of some of the things I got to experience while being in the studios, I still can't believe till this day that I got to see, touch and even feel the work environment where some of my favorite movies and tv shows were created. 

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-  Santa Monica Pier

For my last day in Los Angeles, I had planned a lovely day at the beach, but unfortunately the weather didn't let that happen. But it did let me explored the neighborhood of Santa Monica. I'm pretty sure we all have a movie or a song that remind us of specific locations, and for me Santa Monica reminds me of the movie Hanna Montana. Yes, as corny as that sounds, this location makes me think and feel of thrilling fun.

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