November 29, 2017

First Time In California #3

San Diego!

Though there were no signs of sun in Los Angeles during my visit, it was time to try to find it down southern California. For my last stop of this amazing birthday present getaway to California, San Diego was the perfect city to relax and to enjoy warm weather before heading back to NY.

- Hotel Del Coronado

My first stop in San Diego, was to visit the luxurious Hotel Del Coronado. While doing some research before visiting California, I came across this amazing hotel and I knew I needed to make a quick visit there while being in San Diego. Turns out, that quick visit turned into almost all day visit. The hotel itself was bigger than I thought it would be and I felt like a king walking through it. The beach was calling my name and I took advantage of the moment to lay on the sand under the bright warm sun next to beautiful beach water. If I'm ever back to San Diego, the Hotel Del Colorado would definitely be the place I'll be staying in.

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- Harbor Island

Have you ever heard of the phrase "We're on the same boat"? That's basically the phrase I would use to the described this trip to San Diego. During my three day stay in San Diego, I got the experience in living in a boat. I won't lie, it was a lot of fun! Not sure if is because I'm easily adaptable to changes, I really enjoyed my stay in the beautiful Harbor Island. I was also really fascinated by the fact that people get to live in these boats and travel around world in them. Really got me inspired to hopefully own my own boat one day and just travel across the seas.

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- Heading Back To NY

After an amazing almost two weeks of traveling through the state of California, I'm really grateful for how much fun and amazing experiences I had in each location I visited. Though the time went by really quickly, I can't wait to visit this wonderful state in a near by future. I also would like to dedicate this post and the last two posts of this "First Time In California" mini series to someone who once was the love of my life. Just like this wonderful trip had to end, a lot of other things had to end too. Everything is an experience, and like I mentioned, I'm grateful for all and each of them.

Thank You!

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