November 15, 2017

Views Of Autumn

Fall in the city of Boston! 

By the end of last month - October 2017 -  I got the opportunity to visit the city of Boston, MA. For some reason, before the fall season started, I knew I wanted to experience fall season somewhere up north from New York. Since Boston is located north-east from New York and I've never been there before, I though it would be a great idea to finally make it there. 

For my first outfit look in Boston, I took inspiration from a couple of current fall styles. Though at the time of my trip, the weather wasn't too cold for a long coat or jacket but yet it was chilled enough for a sweater or turtle neck shirt. I decided to pair this white turtle neck shirt which I own for many years now, along with a black winter vest I recently purchased from J-Crew. These two combined, kept me in the right temperate during my visit to the first attraction of my trip to Boston, the Museum Of Science.

When it came time to think about what pants I wanted to wear for this look, there were many options of colors. At first, I wanted to wear black jeans with this look, but then I though it would look too blackish. I found these pink pants that I purchased during the summer season, but actually didn't get to wear them much, so I though this look would go perfect with them. For shoes, I got inspired by the white and black mixture I was getting from my white turtle neck shirt and black vest, so I decided to wear my Levi's black and white sneakers. Like I usually say, you can't leave the house without a pair of sunglasses. Matching with the black vest, I wore these black aviator sunglasses from H&M. 

After walking for hours getting myself educated at the Museum of Science, I took a short time from my adventurist day to captured a couple of outfit shots right outside the Museum Of Science because the views of the city from there were just speechless.  That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this outfit look and I'll be seeing you all in my next post. 


 Black Winter Vest  

Vintage White Turtle Neck Shirt 

Forever 21 Pants  

Levi's Sneakers 

H&M Black Sunglasses 

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