December 31, 2017

What A Year '17!

What a year 2017!

Wow, another year gone by! 2017 was for sure a roller coaster but I'm very glad I made it through. Though I don't actually remember starting off 2017, 2017 will be for sure a year to be remember. Here are a couple of highlight moments through out 2017!

January - Old San Juan | Puerto Rico - Usually at the beginning of each year, I like to take the time to finish and post everything from the previous year. Early 2017, I started off the year by taking it back to my last trip of 2016. I would like to say that this trip to Puerto Rico so far has been of the most meaningful ones in my personal life and I love remembering it like if it was yesterday. 

February - Burgundy Flows | NYFW - Nothing challenges my personal style more than a new season of fashion week. For my first season of fashion week of 2017, I wanted to keep it modernly classic and what a better way to do it than by wearing one of my current favorite colors, burgundy.

March - Roosevelt Island, NY - There are a lot of locations I like to revisit through out the year and last year, the Roosevelt Island become one of them. Not only this island reminds me of some of the happiest moments of 2017, but also I'm really grateful and excited to continue creating memorable memories in this island though out the new year.

April - Blue Green Floral - Last year, I got the opportunity to explored many wonderful locations with some of my closest friends. Early 2017, I flew to Miami for the first time, and what a better way to do it than with my best friend. We always wanted to flight somewhere together and we officially did it and I couldn't have done it without her motivation and support!

May - Morning Express! - For some reason, my life through out the month of May, gets interesting year by year. Some of my most life changing events have occurred during the month of May and besides being my birthday month and the anniversary of Javiortiz.com, the month of May have taken a very important role in my life. Having extreme changes sometimes means getting more things to get done and required more early days. I don't consider myself to be a morning person, but I do like to be productive and challenge myself.

June - Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY - There are a lot of things and activities I like do, some may be seasonal and other may be on occasions. Some of those activities includes, visiting museums, visiting local towns and sometimes even long thoughtful walks by the beach. During the month of June, that's exactly what I enjoyed the most, though I didn't get to do it as much as planned, I'm looking forward to make up for it this new summer season.

July NYFWM S/S 2018 : Day 3 - When it comes to summer season, not only I look forward in doing some of my favorite summer activities, but also looking forward Men's Fashion Week. Being invited every season, always feels like being invited for the first time and is a great booster during the summer season because I get to once again challenge my personal style and take an early note at some of the new styles. And even sometimes get to try out those new inspired looks for the rest of the summer season.

August - Wolffer Estate Vineyard - Though technically August isn't the actual last month of summer, it is for sure the hottest. Because of that, I take advantage of it to do some of the most outdoor activities I can do, like swimming, riding bike and even take my traditional trip to The Hamptons and Fire Island. Though this year I didn't get to visit Fire Island Pines like I would usually do during the summer season because of stupid personal reasons, I am looking forward in making up for that mistake in the best way possible this year and I'm excited for it.

September - NYFW S/S 2018 : Day 1 - Unfortunately anything fun must come to an end, and that includes the summer season, and fashion week season. But luckily we all know it must come to an end because the next one would be more fun and more exciting. What a better than to end it than the same way we started it, on a strong roll!

October - Port Jefferson, NY - Like I mentioned, unfortunately anything fun must come to an end, but luckily for me, a new season was about to start! And along the new season, a new me came along. This passed fall season, I gave myself one of the most difficult challenges I have ever giving to myself, and that is to be me again! Through out the year, there were a lot of things I did, both wrong and right, but one thing I would never forgive myself for, is for stop being who I really am. Though it was hard in letting go something that I though it was needed in my life at the moment, I realized the value of myself and the wonderful things I have accomplished through out my life and the many goals I have yet to accomplished. Restarting myself with one of the things I enjoy the most, like visiting inspiring local towns like Port Jefferson, NY.

November - Things I'm Thankful For In 2017- This passed November, I started to realize a lot of new things that I didn't know I enjoyed doing. Some of those things include catching with old good friends, a couple of sports that I didn't know I enjoyed doing and most importantly, having good company! I would have to say that I've been really lucky with the friends and family I have and all of the new people I met within that month. I was amazed of how much fun and interesting the word I set for myself was, and I forgot I had it!

December - Adventurous Evening - Is amazing of the things someone can do when they really set themselves into something. Though I knew about self power, when you try to inspired others to do the same, sometimes you forget about yourself and that's exactly what happened to me through out most of the year. But to be honest, I'm a big believer that things always happen for a reason. And whatever it was, it made me realized that I am more than what I though I was. I love myself, I love having crazy adventures and creating memories and getting inspired by people day by day. All I can say, as crazy of a roller coaster 2017 was, I'm glad I took the ride and I can't wait to get on another one! Happy New Year! 

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