October, November & December 2017 Favorites

October, November & December 2017

The last couple of months of 2017 were very educational, inspiring and adventurous. I personally think a lot of things have changed, from my personal style to even my skincare routine. Here are a couple of items I discovered and became obsessed with in the last three months. 

1) Cuoieria Black Leather Bag   You know you have an amazing group of friends, when one of them goes to a trip to Europe and comes back with an amazing gift for you. That's exactly what happened a couple of months ago, when one of my closest friends flew to Europe for a couple of weeks and surprised me with one of the most amazing presents ever received, a brand new Cuoieria Leather Bag. During that time, I was in search for a new leather bag to carry my work essentials, and knowing my picky self, finding items that I like ain't as easy as you might think. But when she surprised me with this Cuoireia Bag, she hit the jackpot right away. Good think we have similar taste. Special thanks to Tiffany for this amazing present. Love Ya! (I like to decorate my bags with fun charms like this one from Fendi)

2) J-Crew Black Winter Vest  Before the fall season started, I took a moment to think about my personal style and also the items in my closet. I came to the conclusion that I really don't own a lot of winter vests, and I wondered why? For some reason, there was a point in my life that I didn't like them, mostly because they didn't look good on me. But this last fall season, I decided to give them a try and now I own a couple of winter vest. This one from J-crew has been one of my favorites, not only I like the way it fits and looks, I love the idea of wearing something that keeps you warm, without cooking yourself in it!

3) SK-II 3D Redefining Mask   After learning and discovering the brand SK-II at one of their fabulous events (SK-II Master Class With Roy Galifi) I became in love with their facial masks. In the last couple of months, I've been using their 3D Redefining Mask. Though I just recently noticed they discontinued it, I've been also using their Facial Treatment Mask and they both work wonders. During the winter season, my oil-type skin gets really dry, to the point I start to get extra oil. But thanks to SK-II, my skin has been under control in the last couple of months and I've been loving it!

4) Aldo Aviator Eyeglasses   One of the best thinks about fashion, is that you can be creative in your own unique way. A couple of weeks ago, I received this cool clear aviator eyeglasses from Aldo and though I don't use them as often as I want, I do try to rock them as much as I can when I wear them. I love that old 80's look vibe I get when I wear them and they are also an easy fashion statement to pull off when on-the-go.

5) E.L.F Cosmetic HD Lifting Concealer + Selfie Ready Blending Blending Perfector   Let me start off by saying that my skin isn't perfect, but isn't that bad either. I would probably say that I've been taking good care of my skin lately, but I know I could do better on it. In the mean while, living a life where I have to be presentable and often photo ready, those four hours of sleep a day will start to show off some how. But thanks to these two, my life has changed completely. A little of concealer under the eyes and a little bit on those annoying spots on my skin and I'm ready to face anyone and any camera with confidence!

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