January 15, 2018

Woke Up Like This!

Hotel or Airbnb?

There's nothing like waking up far away from home. Lately I've been really lucky to have traveled to places I never thought I could. But part of traveling also includes checking-in into hotels & sometimes even airbnbs. Here are a couple of things to consider when staying in a hotel or an airbnb. 

Before planning a trip anywhere, the first thing to figure out is wether to book a hotel or an airbnb. For myself, the amount of people I'm traveling with usually helps me figuring this one out. If I'm traveling by myself or with someone else, I would normally go with a hotel. If I'm traveling with more than two people but less than four, I would consider a hotel with double beds or an airbnb. But if is more than four people, an airbnb is the best choice. After knowing if I'm looking for a hotel or an airbnb, I do my some deep research about the location I'm about to travel to. Research includes, transportation from and to location desire, public transportation if available, common areas, and activities to do. Knowing or having an idea of those things helps a lot when it come to booking. I usually try to book a hotel or airbnb near or centered to things I plan on doing during my time of visit.

A great tip I can give you to save money on your booking, is watch out for the dates and days you're traveling on. I find out that weekend days are usually a bit more pricy than days during the week. Also watch out for holidays and special occasions depending on the location. 

If you decide to book a hotel watch out for couple of things. One, the daily fee. Normally hotels will charge this after your stay and many of us usually forget about it and end up paying more for a hotel than what we thought. So make sure to do the right math and check with the hotel if they actually charge it because I know once in a blue moon they might say they do, but they don't at the time of check out. Two, remember the deposit. Before checking into any hotel, they usually charge you for a deposit during your stay. So make sure to have money available for it at the time of check in. Three, parking fees and airport transportation. One thing I have noticed about staying in hotels, is about the services they provide. If you're driving to your destination, ask about parking. I know most of hotels have parking lots but if they don't, they usually offer discounts to parking lots near the area. If you're flying in, some hotels even offer airport transportation for free. They don't usually state it in their websites, but you can find out if they do by giving them a call and ask them more about their services. Four, hide or don't touch any drinks or snacks. When you walk into most hotel rooms, they usually have a snack bar filled with delicious snacks and drinks, but don't touch them. If they're out, hide them inside a cabinet or cover them (Don't forget to put them back where you found them). They are usually pricy for no reason and now even the drinks in that fancy fridge are programed to a touch. Meaning if you touched it, you bought it. 

But if you decide to book an airbnb, watch out for these couple of things. One, the deposit. Yeah, renting that entire house for only $350 a day sounds amazing, but a $1500 deposit isn't cute. I would say some people really drags it with some crazy fees, mostly when it comes to their deposit. So watch out with it. Two, extra unnecessary fees. I understand the cleaning fee and the maintenance fee (I still think it should be combined), but when they add late check in fees, late check out fees and sometimes even an extra deposit just for the reservation, they really drag it. So make sure to read and ask the right questions before booking. Three, take photos when checking in and out. I don't care if you have to leave right after your arrival, but make sure you take photos at the time you walk in before getting yourself set up and before you walk out. Some may blame you for stealing or breaking their property and even sometimes charge you for sheets you didn't even use because you never expend the night at the property. So make sure you take photos of the property incase you come across one of those extra fees renters. 

Though traveling is amazing, it can be a bit stressful and expensive sometimes at the end. But doing some research, creating a great plan and keeping a couple of things in mind, will make your vacation or business trip more relaxing and joyful. And believe me, the more you do it, the more all of these things become more easy to stay up with. That's all for today, hope everyone find this post helpful in planning your next trip and I'll see you all in my net post.

Photos taken at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel

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