February 10, 2018

Blank Canvas

JV's 2018 Champaign!

On a very special day back in mid 2012, a 17 years old boy was feeling a bit upset and also feeling confused about his future plans after high school. Out of no where, he decided to open up his laptop and discovered an amazing site called Blogger. Not being sure about what a blog was, or what it could be used for, the idea of having a website just felt cool. 

Being upset at the time, he wrote three posts to light up his mood for the day. The day of his 17th birthday! Hours after those three posts were published, it got hundreds of views within a few hours. Not only he felt good about sharing his thoughts, he felt even better to know they were people out there who had similar thoughts. He finally felt like he had a voice and a place where he could share not only his thoughts but his ideas, inspirations and creativity. That place became Javiortiz.com.

Fast forward to today, Javiortiz.com has grown a lot for the last few years. Going from a home made blog to a now a business. But unfortunately sometimes when it comes to having a business build out your creativity, creativity can start slacking. Noticing the slack of creativity and inspiration in the last couple of months, the decision of taking a break and staying away from social media, a computer and even from people for over a month wasn't as easy as planned but it was necessary. 

Today, I'm back! Taking a break to breath and focused in creating me was one of the best decisions in my life. I'm now back feeling more motivated, inspired and more creative than ever. My inspiration for this new campaign for Javiortiz.com was inspired by life. Because life is like a Blank Canvas, and I'm my own artist and I'm here to make a master piece out of it.

Stay inspired, stay motivated, stay you!

Sincerely, Javier Ortiz 

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