February 12, 2018

Daily Run | NYFW

Business or casual? 

One of the things I have noticed about my style in the last couple of years, is that I like to dress it up but not suit up. I like to look presentable but yet, I like to feel comfortable and without worrying about ironing a shirt early in the morning! 

I wouldn't call my style business casual because I personally don't think there's such thing as business casual. Is either business or casual! For me, this look is what I would consider casual because is normally what I wear on the daily. I prefer pants over jeans and I prefer a t-shirt over a shirt. Though when it comes to business, I would make little changes like wearing a shirt instead of a t-shirt and loafers instead of sneakers. But one thing I wouldn't wear unless I have to, is a blazer! For some reason blazers are a hit or miss situation for me. I think there're amazing when it comes to special events, but to wear one on the daily, doesn't really go with my taste. I like to think that there are many different ways in how you can look sharp and professional without having the blazer do the job for you.

For my second day of New York Fashion Week, I decided to go with what I consider my casual look. I love a long coat because no matter what you wear it with, some how gives you that instant luxurious look most of us love. Like I mentioned, I love wearing pants instead of jeans because I personally find them more comfortable. In fact, two years ago I realized I didn't own a pair but don't worry, I made a couple of jean purchases ever since and I do wear them when I feel like going for a more edgy or sporty look. During the summer reason, I do enjoy wearing shirts a bit more than t-shirts, but during cold season, I prefer t-shirts because it makes it more comfortable to layer up with sweaters and jackets. When it comes to shoes, I tend to run a lot of errands on the daily, so I prefer to wear mostly sneakers that would usually watch my outfit. 

But let's not forget, most of my looks really depends on my location, mood, destination or event. The best part about style, is that we all have one and just like each and every single one of us, is unique, beautiful and inspirational in many different ways. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this look and I'll see you all in my next post! 


Forever 21 
Beige Long Coat  

J-Crew Navy Blue Pants 

Nordstrom White Long-Sleeve Shirt  

Chanel Sneakers 

H&M Blue Sunglasses 

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