February 21, 2018

Design Shades : Beige

Bright, warm & welcoming!

Warm colors are normally perfect for a more relaxing and cozy environment. Bright colors are normally better to make you feel energized & awaken. But did you know you can get both effects by using one simple color. Here's how you can add a touch of beige into your living space. 

One thing we have noticed about beige, is that it can make you feel relax but yet energized all at the same time. The color beige is perfect to be added to rooms like libraries, office spaces and common areas like living rooms, TV rooms, and even kitchens. Also, the color beige is a color that isn't too bright or too dark, making it the perfect color to reflect the mood of the room. That's why the color beige is mostly used in common areas.

The color beige is a color that blends easily with other colors, making it easily adjustable to be added and mixed with other colors. But just like an outfit look, accessories can make or break the whole look. Items with the color beige makes the perfect canvas to play around with. If you're a person that likes to make changes often, having a room with the color beige can make those changes more easily thanks to its adjustability. Below are a couple of inspiring images that incorporate the color beige, they don't only show how nice the beige color is, but also show how easily can be added to any room and mixed with different colors to make that perfect living space for you. 

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