February 23, 2018

Neon Stairs

Instagram's famous stairs!

When the Public Hotel officially opened mid last year, it became one of the most popular hotels in the East Village, NY. Besides the actually hotel becoming famously popular, one of their most amazing architecture designs has been taking over by storm on instagram in the last couple months. Here are Instagram's famous stairs, The Neon Stairs. 

After seeing many famous celebrities, bloggers and even locals displaying photos of this amazing stairs on their Instagram, I knew it was time to visit this location myself. I would have to say that at first I thought this was a combination of different stairs with bright lights along the sides. But after arriving to the Public Hotel and seeing the stairs myself, I realized there are only two of them. Each staircase individually surrounded by mirrors which give the amazing illusion of more stairs being round. And thanks to the bright orange neon lights, make this staircase a luxurious piece of art.

For this outfit look editorial, I decided to suit it for the occasion. Wearing a navy blue blazer with matching pants by Kenneth Cole. A navy blue turtle neck sweater from H&M & navy blue loafers from Zara. Paired by navy blue sunglasses from Aldo. Wearing a suit was the perfect choice for these luxurious stairs. Not only I had a lot of fun and feeling amazingly cool going up and down the escalators, I was blown away by just looking at the beauty of these very creative architecture design. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoy this post and I'll be see you all in my next post. 


Kenneth Cole 
Navy Blue Blazer  

Kenneth Cole Navy Blue Pants 

H&M Navy Blue Turtle Sweater

Zara Navy Blue Loafers 

Forever 21 Sunglasses 

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