May 23, 2018

Let's Go To Philly!

Starting Spring/Summer vibes 

There are many things people do when they're bored and for me, I like to pack my bags and go somewhere I have never been before. This time, I decided take another weekend getaway and explore the city of Philadelphia, PA. 

Though I have driven by the city of Philadelphia in many different occasions & is also just a few hours away from New York, I actually never gotten the chance to stop by and explore this amazing city. But a couple of weeks ago, I encouraged a couple of my friends to come along with me and explore this city.

Luckily, the weather was nice and a bit warm during our visit, perfect timing to start pulling off some spring and summer vibes. In case you haven't noticed or you're new to my site, my favorite color is navy blue & I love wearing it. For this outfit look editorial, I decided to wear this Navy Blue shirt I recently purchased from Forever 21. When I first saw this shirt, I felt in love with its soft knitted feel fabric which makes it perfect to be worn during spring and summer season.  I paired this shirt with a pair of light blue jeans. Though I don't normally wear jeans, I wanted a more edgy casual feel for this look and these Levi's jeans helped me to achieve it. 

Usually when it comes to exploring a new city, normally involves a lot of walking. For this look, I decided to wear these white high ankle white sneakers also from Forever 21. They kept me comfortable and on my feet all day. Like always, you can't leave the house without a pair of sunglasses. Here, I wore my favorite navy blue sunglasses from H&M. Love the way the color matches the shirt and makes it stand out even more. 

For our first stop in Philly, we decided to go to the Adventure Aquarium. Though this aquarium is located in the state of New Jersey, it gave us a nice over view of the city of Philadelphia. Perfect location to captured this amazing outfit look editorial. Hope everyone enjoy this look and I'll be seeing you all in my next post. 


Forever 21 
Navy Blue Shirt  

Levi's Blue Jeans 

Forever 21 White Sneakers 

H&M Blue Sunglasses 

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