July 1, 2018



Let's start off by saying that this year is flying by really quickly but we are happy summer season is finally here. As we start the beginning of a new month, we also start the beginning of a new season. As the new season starts, so is the seasonal activities and here are a couple of them we are exticed for. 

For this month's inspiration wall, we have been inspired by a couple of the seasonal activities summer season allows to bring to New York City. Though New York City is famously known to be a concrete jungle,  you'll be surprised of the amount of nature this city preserves. This summer season, we are looking forward in enjoying nature as much as possible and what a better to do it than by having picnics in local parks.

Not only having a picnic is fun, but also healthy for you. Especially when you share local fruit and other food items from your local farmer's market during your picnic. That's another summer season activity we are looking forward in getting use to, shop groceries in our local famer's market. Thanks to the weather, farmer's markets become more common. Though they are usually done once or twice a week, they are a great way to stay healthy, stay active and also a great way to meet the locals. 

But we won't lie to you, sometimes the weather gets a bit too carry on with the heat and what a better way to refresh yourself than with a nice swim. Though there aren't as many pools in New York City, the few the ones there are, are to die for. Not only are pools freshing, pools in New York City are usually acompinated with amaizing views, since they're normally located on rooftops. This summer season, we are looking forward in splashing around a couple of these pools and we can't wait. 

But besides swiming in rooftop pools, why not enjoy a couple of parties in rooftops too. Summer season bring us rooftop season. And for us, we enjoy roodtops a bit more than we shoud. Maybe because we are always low key high up in the sky mentally but why not being in it physically too. There's nothing more amazing than having to see the sun setting down the beutiful New York City's skyline. We are exciting in getting to do this more often and all you should too. 

If you live in the city of New York already or is planning in visiting soon, we hope you find inspiration from this post and get to do a couple of the activities we mentioned while the season last. That's all for today, and we'll see you all in our next post. 

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