July 30, 2018

July 2018 Favorites

July 2018

A lot of things have changed in the last couple of months and after accidentally deleting a couple of month favorite posts, I decided to bring this segment back. Starting mid-year, here are a couple of items I have been crazy about this past month.

1) The Filthy Mermaid White Pouch   During my recent visit to St.John, US Virgin Islands; I decided to make a quick stop at a local gift shop. There, I found this cute little white pouch in which I'm in love with right now. Not only is the perfect size for me to carry around, is also the perfect size for all my on-the-go essentials. I've been moving around a lot this month and carrying this pouch has been very easy and also a lifesaver in occasions. (On-the-go essentials post coming soon)

2) Dot Dash Blue Sunglasses   At the same gift shop in St.John, I came across this beautiful aviator sunglasses. Not only I got them because I forgot to take a pair with me before leaving the hotel, but also because I have never seen that kind of shade of blue in a pair of sunglasses before. And to mention, the quality of them is amazing for a gift store. Ever since, I have been wearing them like crazy, especially in this hot and bright summer season.

3) H&amp'M Black Dress Shorts   Normally for the summer season I tend to choose brighter colors to wear, but this season my heart and soul has been going crazy over these black pair of shorts. Like I mentioned in my latest outfit look editorial - Dark Shadows - This summer season I'm just going with the flow. I love pairing these pants with fun Cuban shirts or just regular T-shirts. No matter what I wear them with, they still give me that classic dressy look I love.

4) Coach Bear-Chain   Is crazy how life works sometimes. Before this year started, I wasn't too sure what this year was going to bring me, so I decided to just take the year day by day. And let me tell you, I wasn't actually expecting to travel to all the places I have so far. Since last year, I've been crazy about little cute bag chains. And for all my traveling I've done this year, this little cute bear has been hanging there by my side. Not only does it matches with my current travel bag, but also makes my traveling a lot more fun because of how cute this little thing is.

5) Wetline Xtreme Professional Hair Gel   For my hairstyle this summer season, I decided to rock on braids. Even though I didn't exactly plan ahead of figuring out who was going to do them for me, when summer season started, it was up to me to learn. Thanks to this hair gel, braiding my own has been a lot easier and neater. Goes on wet which helps me control my not-so-long hair and dries up making my hair feel soft but strong enough so it won't move. This month of July, I've been braiding my hair on the daily, and this hair gel has become part of my everyday essentials.

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