August 31, 2018

August 2018 Favorites

August 2018

I know each individual month is going faster and faster, but this month of August just flew like a heart bit. Though time is rolling like crazy, is never too late to create new ways to keep yourself organized and thanks to these couple of items, they have made my traveling a lot easier. Here are some of my most useful items through the month of August. 

1) Puma Black Sneakers   While shopping around back in early spring, I came across a shoe sale.  In there, I found these Puma sneakers both in the color black and white. I couldn't decide which color to choose, so I got them both. Even though I normally tend to choose white sneakers over black during the summer season, this month has been different. I have been wearing these sneakers like crazy during this month. Maybe has to do with the number of cloudy days we had during the month. Love the fact that they are black and they are also easy to clean.

2) Rue 21 Black Aviator Sunglasses   Ever since my - The Reputation - Outfit Look Editorial shoot, these sunglasses have been my on-the-go pair of sunglasses. They are so thin and easy to carry, and since they are black, they match easily with any outfit look I wear them with.

3) Unknown Cable Pouch   Going to Walmart is like going to a dollar store. You go in for one item and end up leaving with a full cart of items. While just looking around the electronics section of Walmart, I came across this cable organizer pouch. Not too sure if this pouch was actually created to keep your electronic cables organized but I got it for that purpose and believe me when I say it has been a life changer. I'm always on-the-go and having cables all over your bag is not only messy but also there's a higher chance of you losing a cable at any given moment. After getting this pouch, I know exactly where all my cables are and also make all my additional adapters and small electronics accessories all pack in one place. Not to mention, it doesn't take too much space in my bag and in fact, creates more space in my bag since everything is nice and neat.

4) Miansai Nexux Rope Bracelet   During my visit to The Hamptons, I came across a cute looking trailer. After getting close to it, I realized it was an accessory pop-up store. I got excited to see and learn more about it. After getting to try out a couple of the accessories, I fell in love with this navy blue bracelet. It was an instant purchased and haven't left my arm ever since.

5) Louis Vuitton Passport Wallet    A little before the summer season started, I took a little trip to the Virgin Islands. While shopping around, I end up in a Louis Vuitton store just to see what they had in store. For a while, I've been obsessed and crazy about having a Louis Vuitton passport wallet. When I asked if they have them, I was really glad and thankful that they did. And they only had one left in the store. I couldn't hold my taste buds and got it right on the spot. I didn't realize how helpful these passport wallets are when it comes to traveling. I like to keep all my most used personal documentation and credit cards in this wallet. In the last couple of months, I can say I've been moving around a lot, and having this passport wallet has made my packing and traveling a lot more easy and organized.

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