August 10, 2018

Charlotte Amalie | St.Thomas

Private planes and relaxing dinners

Not sure what other people do when it comes to vacation, but for myself, vacation means adventure. I like to explore, get to know and do as many things as possible. After exploring the amazing island of St.Croix, it was time to explore the island of St.Thomas.

Getting from St.Croix to St.Thomas was a luxurious adventure I was not ready for. When I arrived at St.Croix's airport to board my flight to St.Thomas, I wasn't expecting to be flying in a private plane. Even today, I still can't believe that even happen. Once landing on St.Thomas, it was time to head across the island for some extreme water activities. From parasailing to paddle boarding in the clear blue waters of this beautiful island, you bet I got hungry. After asking around for a good place to eat, it was highly recommended to try to eat at this restaurant in St.John's. Knowing my crazy self, took a ferry to this lovely island and had one of the most relaxing dinners I have ever had.

Before leaving St.Thomas, I wanted to explore the island a bit more, especially the city of Charlotte Amalie. Compare to Christiansted, this city is more populated and more visited by tourists but still got badly affected by hurricane Maria. As usual, some shopping is a must. Compare to prices in the U.S, I can say shopping here was a bit more affordable. Hours of shopping later, I wanted to see this city from afar. Unfortunately, I couldn't go on one of their popular attractions because it is only available when a cruise is in town. But luckily I found a nice taxi driver who took me to some amazing locations where I was able to experience and see views from local points.

I would have to say that being on this island and getting to do the number of things I did, are some of the most memorable moments I will appreciate for the rest of my life. But my birthday vacation isn't over yet, don't worry no one else was expecting or planned my next destination. That's all for today, and I will see you all in my next post.


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