August 1, 2018



August is officially here, and for us, the month of August means is time to head to The Hamptons. But before we head out the door or even start packing, let's all get inspired by this luxurious summer season location. 

For those who don't know, The Hamptons is located at the end east of Long Island, NY. This neighborhood is known for its luxurious summer vibes and is often a top choice for celebrities and people from New York City. There's so much history and things to do in The Hamptons. Most of the houses located in The Hamptons are a piece of history. Most of them were built centuries ago and they also have the reputation of being owned by a celebrity at some point, making them not only famous but also expensive. The Hamptons are also known for pool parties, white dressed parties, and horseback riding. Not to forget, relaxing time at the beach and a lot of shopping.

Below are photos that have inspired a couple of the things we will be doing during our stay in The Hamptons. If you live in New York or is planning in visiting New York in the next couple of weeks, we highly recommend taking the two-hour drive or train ride to this amazing location. We hope everyone gets inspired as much as we did and we will be seeing you all in our next post.

** Photos were found on Tumblr. If you are or know some who owns them & would like Javiortiz.com to take them down, please feel free to contact us (Contact) **

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