August 15, 2018

The Reputation


Everyone is always known for something, whether is good or bad. No matter the reputation you may have, I am a big believer that not everyone should be defined by their reputation or past. But what if the reputation you have is exactly what you've been wanting?

When I graduated from high school I asked myself what I wanted in life. Then later I realized I was asking myself the wrong question. Instead, I asked myself, how I wanted my future to be. I wanted my future to be relaxing, fun, and luxurious. That was me telling myself that while wearing the same clothes from the day before, being at home still in bed around two in the afternoon. While looking through inspiring imagines about the luxurious life and wondering about the amazing life of a celebrity, I somehow came with the phrase "fake it, until you make it". And don't get me wrong, it changed my life forever.

But instead of acting all fake and starting to spend money for no reason, I looked at the luxurious life in a different perspective. What does the world luxurious means after all? According to Google, the word luxurious means "extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense". After defining this word, I wanted to be exactly the definition of it. Being comfortable with myself around others, being elegant and well presented at most times, also being enjoyable and fun and of course, have the things I have been wanting the most. 

Slowly, I started doing the things I felt comfortable in doing, like talking to people, coming up with crazy ideas and even learning new things. I also started hanging out in places I have been wanting to hang out and took myself to cities I never in my life thought of being. Of course looking good and fashionable became a habit really quickly and the way of carrying myself changed slowly too. You might think this kind of life came with a big price tag, and I won't lie, it did. 

But the kind of price tag that you can only pay by just being yourself. When I started talking to people, I found people that inspired me to be more myself, inspired me to continue following my dreams and my crazy ideas. Thanks to being myself, I also found people to help me achieve those dreams and help me get to those places I have been wanting to go. Being myself and sharing my looks, given me the opportunity to dress better and stay fashionable. Being myself has helped me learn more about myself and carry on those good qualities that make me, me! Because being myself, is what makes me luxurious. For that, I don't mind carrying the reputation of being fancy, because, at the end of the day, I do like being MR.FANCY!


Zara Double Breasted Blazer 

Zara Pants 

Calvin Klein White Shirt 

INC International Concepts Black Shoes 

H&M Black Bow Tie 

Rue 21 Black Sunglasses 

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