September 24, 2018

In Business

A few announcements!

When I graduated from high school before heading to college to pursue an accountant career path, I only knew one thing, I didn't know what the heck I was doing. But like I usually say, things happen for a reason and without me heading to college, I wouldn't have found my passion. 

Even though Javiortiz.com was created a few weeks before I graduated from high school, I made the promise of keeping this site up a float for the rest of my life no matter my financial status. Luckily for me, a few months later, this website became an official job for me. While working on this site and continuing making my crazy and personal outfit look editorials, grabbed the attention of other people in wanting the same for themselves. The problem was, these people were local businesses owners. Wasn't too long till one of those business owners really wanted me to help them update and learn more about social media strategies. I got the change to work with them and update their business into digital marketing. After working with them, I got more local businesses interested in my work, to the point that I decided to create another business focusing on business marketing.

At the time, this business was called M.I.A. (Marketing Intelligence Agency). I got the chance to work with a few businesses around my local home area of that time, but somehow it never felt right and I felt like my focus from Javiortiz.com was taken out of place. Because of that, it was hard to manage to go to college and still managing two businesses. I made the decision of quicking college to focus on both Javiortiz.com and M.I.A. But still working on both of them felt weird and my focus was once again out of place. Till early this year! 

Early this year, I decided to take a step back and start rebuilding myself from the ground up. I stopped everything I was doing and took my time in thinking about what I really wanted in life but still managing to do what I'm passionate about. I continue working on Javiortiz.com as it was since this site has been and will always be my main focus, but it needed some changes too. In the last couple of months, I have been working in creating an official online store within the Javiortiz.com. I can finally say that the store has been created and currently, I've been working on its first season campaign. 

When M.I.A was a thing, I realized that I did enjoy working with other people and creating campaigns for businesses outside the fashion industry and really extended my knowledge and creativity. But I didn't want to put myself too much out of focus from Javiortiz.com. So I officially recreated M.I.A. under a new name. Now M.I.A. is going to be known as JV Studios. JV Studios is now a company focus on campaign production and digital marketing for small local businesses. JV Studios will be also focusing on creating exclusive campaigns for Javiortiz.com, as well as contributing with other production projects. 

I'm happy to announce that JV Studios will be officially opening next year along with Javiortiz.com's new online Shop. Like I have mentioned in a couple of previous outfit look editorials, this year has been all about changes and I have never felt more comfortable and excited. Even though I'm still working on little last minute adjustments before the launch, I can't wait for all of you see it all come to life. 


Calvin Klein White Shirt 

Banana Republic Blue Pants 

Zara White Sneakers 

Calvin Klein Skinny Black Tie 

Jos.A.Bank Tie Bar 

Miansai Blue Bracelet 

Topman Blue Sunglasses 

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