September 5, 2018

Off Sea

Friends, boats and the ocean!

When it comes to The Hamptons, there are a lot of things I like to do. Like getting to eat at some of my favorite restaurants like Nick & Toni's, getting to enjoy some of the best outdoor parties like the ones The Surf Lodge throws. But most importantly I like to relax and enjoy being near the ocean or near the water.

Let me just say that I love New York, but when it comes to the ocean water, I do not like going in it. But I do enjoy being near it or any activities that it doesn't actually involve getting into the water. In my recent weekend getaway to The Hamptons, I decided to spend a lovely day at Gurney's Montauk Hotel & Yacht Club Resort. Not only I had a blast listening to amazing local artists and enjoy delicious food, but I also got to enjoy seeing a couple of my longtime friends that were staying at the resort. While walking around the resort, I fell in love with some of the boats docked in the resort and got a chance to actually ride one of them. After an amazing boat ride along the open ocean, my friends and I came back to the resort and while heading to a seating area near the beach, I saw a cute trainer. When I got closer to it, I realized it was a Miansai pop-up store. I couldn't help myself after I saw this cute navy blue bracelet and purchased it. Not only I think is cute, but it also went well with this outfit look.

Summer season always calls for white, and even though this post might be going out after labor day weekend, I wanted to make the most of wearing my favorite white pants during my visit to The Hamptons. A couple of weeks ago, while shopping around, I found these lovely white sneakers on sale at Zara. Wearing them for the first time at Gurney's, I was really surprised by the number of people that complimented me because of the shoes. It really got me wondering why these lovely shoes were on sale in the first place, but to whoever didn't purchase them, thank you. I normally don't like to show my new recent purchases before an outfit look editorial, but this shirt got me hype at the moment I bought it. Wearing it for the first time at my birthday dinner celebration, it was time to wear it again for the second time and what a better location than at Gurney's. I love how this shirt stands out but still somehow blends perfectly with the occasion. Matching my outfit, I wore my favorite navy blue sunglasses from H&M. 

I had such a great time at Gurney's and spending a good amount of time near the ocean. Even though I do not like to go into the water, I love how peaceful and joy it brings me. A special thank you to my friends at Gurney's, was a pleasure seeing you all again, will be definitely be making a longer visit next year, but till then, I hope everyone enjoyed this outfit look editorial and I'll see you all in my next post.


Zara Navy Shirt 

Zara White Pants 

Zara White Shoes 

Miansai Blue Bracelet 

H&M Blue Sunglasses 

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