September 7, 2018

This Is The End!

The Surf Lodge

For my last weekend getaway of the summer, I decided to head out east to the end of Long Island, or how most people know it as, Montauk, NY. Enjoying the last couple of warm days at one of my summer favorite destinations, The Surf Lodge. 

Every summer season, I like to head out to The Hamptons/Montauk. Which are towns located at the end east point of Long Island, NY. In the last couple of summers, The Surf Lodge has become one of my main locations to visit while I'm in the area. Not only I find this location fun and energetic, but also very chic and modern. Not to mention, is one of the most popular locations in the area as well.

This time, not only I went there to enjoy a delicious brunch with family and friends, but also to chill and enjoy the last couple of warm sunny days out here in New York. Yes, the temperature is surprisingly dropping fast and lately, I've been trying to enjoy the most out of it. And what a matter to do it, than by laying down on a beach chair and enjoying a delicious cold drink. 

Even though The Surf Lodge is located at the edge of a lake, it has this lovely beach like patio that not only makes it perfect to enjoy the sun but also gives you that feeling that you are by the beach. Like I mentioned in my previous post - - I do not go into the ocean water here in New York, so being is this beach like patio, is perfection for me. Wearing this Zara red shirt, paired with a pair of light beige shorts, made this moment feel as if I was in paradise. Feeling the moment, I accessorized this look with a brown beach hat, brown leather loafers and these modern grey sunglasses from Rue 21. 

Let me just say that I'm a big fan of margaritas, but lately, I've been craving lemonade like crazy. After having a couple of mimosas during brunch early that day, my sweet tooth was craving a freshly homemade lemonade. After taking the first sip, that lemonade was the best homemade lemonade I have ever tasted. 

For being my last summer destination of the year, The Surf Lodge's "This Is The End" theme was truly on point. Not only was I at the end point of Long Island, it was also the end point of the summer season and couldn't be happier to have ended in here. That's all for today, hope everyone enjoyed this editorial as much as we did in making and we'll see you all in our next post. 


Zara Red Floral Shirt 

Gap Beige Shorts 

H&M Brown Beach Hat 

Rue 21 Grey Sunglasses 

Zara Brown Shoes 

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