October 15, 2018

Denim 3.0

From winter, spring, to fall!

Denim is something I don't normally wear! I have nothing against it, but I guess is just one of those things that you just don't go for. But recently I have been playing around with my personal style and stepping outside my comfort zone, and wearing denim is just a step I needed to take! 

I remember last year, I was looking through my closet and I realized I didn't own many pairs of jeans. As a fashion blogger, I felt like it was important to own at least a good of amount of each item for more dressing options. But since then, I have not worn them as much as I thought I would. I came to the conclusion that jeans aren't really my thing. But like I mentioned on my last Outfit Look Editorial - New Zone - I've been trying to step outside my comfort zone and play around with other styles and items I don't normally wear.

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I have been in love with the head-to-toe trend. Which means wearing a whole outfit with the same color, print or in this case, the same kind of fabric. Looking back at a couple of outfit look editorials I have done previously with denim, for some reason I'm wearing denim head-to-toe too. Guess I really like to go all extreme when it comes to denim and I guess it has to do a lot with the fact that I don't wear it too often.

But what makes this head-to-toe denim outfit look editorial different from my previous editorials, is the fact that I haven't done one during the fall season. My first head-to-denim editorial was during New York Fashion Week autumn-winter season back in February of 2016 - Denim Layers. Which was basically done in the middle of the winter. A few months later during the middle of spring, I did another head-to-toe denim editorial - Non-Seasonal Denim. Clearly, from the title itself, I discussed why denim is one of those fabrics that will never go out of style and works in any season.

For this outfit look editorial, I decided to shoot at the famous neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn. Adding to the fact that I've been trying to step outside my comfort zone with my personal style, I've also been trying to step outside my comfort zone of getting to know more of those places I normally never hang out at. And for me that's Brooklyn! I have done an editorial explaining why Brooklyn has become the new Manhattan a few years ago - Brooklyn The New Manhattan - but I have never been on this side of the city like I have done recently.

From what I'm wearing to the places I visit now, stepping outside my comfort zone has for sure been more fun and exciting than I thought. Even though there are more things I still want to try out and more places I still feel a bit weird about, I can't wait to step out of my comfort zone and just do it all. That's all for now, hope everyone enjoyed this look and I'll see you all on my next post!


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