October 21, 2018

Design Shades: Pastel Pink

A color for everyone and any room!

The color pink is one of those colors that most people avoid because it usually symbolizes femininity. That's why the color pink is the perfect color if you're looking to stand out. Not only we think the color pink is the perfect color to brighten up any living space but is also calming and relaxing.

Today we're not only going to be focusing in the color pink but focusing mostly in the color pastel pink. Any natural color makes any living space feel sophisticated and modern, but the color pastel pink actually adds a lot more than we think. Besides helping brighten any room, it also adds a very colorful touch without taking over any other colors. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the color pink is usually avoided because it usually symbolized femininity, but the best part of this color is that when it comes to a pastel tone pink, works for everyone and every living space.

Because is not usually a common color people choices. Choosing this color for a living room, kitchen or even a bathroom will give the room a fashionable, very creative design feel we all love. But don't worry, if you don't want to go all out with this color, adding small items like pillows, a small chair, etc, will still make a statement without trying too hard. Below are some photos we picked to inspire you with ideas of how to incorporate this wonder color into your living space and even into your life.

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