October 12, 2018

New Zone

Stepping outside the comfort zone!

There are a lot of reasons why I love fashion and one of them has to do with the fact that it allows me to step outside my comfort zone. Since this year my life has been all about changes, I have decided to step outside my comfort zone and play around with my personal style.

For some reason, lately, I have been wearing a lot of black clothing. Don't get me wrong but I have been enjoying the fact that is so much easier to work with, especially when it comes to putting outfits together at the last minute. But for this outfit look editorial, I decided to go for something more edgier compared to my classic and sophisticated daily style.

Back in June after deciding to live officially back on Long Island for the summer season, I decided to head back to New York City for a day to catch up with friends and to meet with clients. That one single day turned into almost a whole week because of last-minute business meetings. Of course, I wasn't anticipating to stay for that long and I didn't pack anything with me, so a last-minute shopping spree was necessary. 

At that time, I was wearing this lovely black beret hat I got at a local vintage shop in Queens, NY before heading out to Long Island for the summer. For my first day for this unexpected stay,  I was having a bad hair day and needed a hat. Since I basically didn't have many options, I decided to wear this black beret along with these black boats because it was raining and we all know how messy New York streets can be when it rains. Even though it was raining, it was really hot as well, so I decided to wear these short along with this black polo shirt. Before leaving the apartment, I looked myself at the mirror and realized I wouldn't normally pair any of these items together but for some reason, I really liked the look. 

I went out in a rush and added a story on my personal Instagram where most of my followers got to see this look and a lot of them were commenting on this new look of mine. I was really happy to see how something that just came together out of nowhere, really got a lot of attention and positive feedback even after doughing myself.  I decided to save this look for a later season since I felt it was more autumn appropriate than summer, plus on top of that, I had already decided my style for the summer season.

Now that is officially autumn, I couldn't wait to wear this outfit look again. Even when I wore it again, I dough myself about it since I did gain a bit of summer weight. But before shooting this outfit look editorial, I end up stopping at a Bloomingdales and just by walking through the aisles, people were looking at me and giving me positive compliments about my outfit. That boosted my confidence and had a lot more fun shooting this outfit look editorial. That also made me realized that somethings may make us feel uncomfortable, but in the end, it helps us grow.

I'm excited to play around with more outfit looks and to see what other fun and creative outfits I will come up at last minute like I did with this one. I hope everyone is having a great start of the new season. That's all for today and I'll be seeing you all on my next post.


H&M White Shirt 

Nordstrom Light Brown Shorts 

Nordstrom Black Boots 

Vintage Black Beret 

JanSport Black Fanny Pack 

Forever 21 Bracelets 

Rue 21 Sunglasses 

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