November 14, 2018

SWJV Men Look #18

Holiday Staycation! 

The holiday season is upon us and knowing what to wear to each occasion is important. But also staying in style between holidays is as important as well. Here's a casual outfit look inspired by those holiday days off we are all always looking forward to enjoying.

When it comes to fall/winter season, you can't go wrong by wearing a turtleneck shirt or like in this case, a turtleneck sweater. We picked this light beige wool turtleneck sweater from Inis Meáin. Not only would this sweater keep you warm during this cold season, but also will make you look and feel stylish. We paired this sweater with a pair of dark blue jeans from Brunello Cucinelli. Nothing says casually than a pair of blue jeans, but like we always say "is not about what you wear, but how you wear it". Call us crazy, but we love a pair of comfortable of slippers, but did you know you can sometimes also wear it out? That's right, for this outfit look, we decided to pick these comfortable Quoddy beige slipper. Not only we think they make this look very holiday-ish, but also make it feel comfortable, cozy and fashionable.

To add a touch a color, but also keeping it neutral, we found this amazing and beautiful suede burgundy jacket from Tom Ford. We own one ourselves here at Javiortiz.com and we can spend hours telling you how much we love this jacket. The best part about this jacket is it goes well with anything you wear it with, make it dressy or make it casual, you can't go wrong with this jacket. 

To keep you extra warm, we added this luxurious Gucci scarf. Gucci items have been hot this year, and here at Javiortiz.com is our job to keep you up with the latest styles and with the latest items. As always, you can't leave the house without a good pair of sunglasses and for this look with added this aviator style sunglasses from Bottega Veneta to compliment the colors of this outfit look. Mentioning about complimenting this look, this Shinola leather watch will not only help you be on time but is also a statement piece. This watch just like Tom Ford's jacket mentioned earlier is one of those must-have items in your wardrobe because it matches well with many other items. No matter where you go is always good to carry a few things with you. This Tom Ford brown leather bag is not only the perfect size to carry important needs like an extra sweater in case it gets colder but also it puts this whole look together thanks to its nice tone color.  We hope everyone is excited about the holiday season starting and we also hope everyone enjoyed this outfit look. That's all for today and we'll be seeing you all in our next post.


Inis Meáin
Donegal Merino Wool And Cashmere-Blend Rollneck Sweater 

Tom Ford
Slim-Fit Suede Blouson Jacket 

Bottega Veneta
Aviator-Style Tortoiseshell Acetate And Silver-Tone Sunglasses 

Canfield Chronograph 43mm Stainless Steel And Leather Watch 

Brunello Cucinelli
Selvedge Denim Jeans 

Fireside Leather-Trimmed Shearling-Lined Suede Slippers 

Logo-Intarsia Mélange Wool-Twill Scarf 

Tom Ford
Suede And Leather Backpack 

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