December 21, 2018

Christmas In Town

Home For The Holidays!

There's no dought one of the best parts of the year is the holiday season. Even though the cold season might make everything feel a bit grey, when the holiday season starts, it lights up the streets with beautiful bright colors. That's how you know, Christmas is in town!

When the holiday season starts, there's nothing more fun to do than to go outside and appreciate the holiday decoration around your local area. For me, that's the Babylon Village in Long Island. Being home for the holidays not only reminds me why I love the place where I grew up but also a reminder of a few life goals. I still find surprisingly how every time I feel like I'm visiting a new local store, I later find out the store has been around for ages. This is also a little reminder you can find and learn something new every day even when is around the corner of your house.

While walking around the area looking for the perfect location to shoot this outfit look, I came across this beautiful holiday decoration outside a restaurant and a few stores next to it. Before starting to shoot, I end up going into one of the stores which end up being a bakery. I end up purchasing a few sweets for a cute tea party I had later that day. 

There are a few items I like to consider a must when it comes to the winter season and one of them is a plain white turtleneck shirt. Even though my first ever white turtleneck shirt ended up becoming a bit yellow after many many washes and years of being worn. This year, it was time for a new one. I got this one from a local thrift shop after looking around for months and wasn't able to find one that was fitted right for me. But I least I can say I found it right on time for the holiday season. Layering this shirt with this new grey sweater from Gap. 

Adding an elegant touch to this look, I decided to wear my burgundy pants from Zara. Been years since I last wore this pair of pants and I have a feeling I'll be wearing them a few times in the next few weeks because they make the perfect color pants for this holiday season. You can't go wrong by wearing a pair of loafers, they make any outfit look luxurious without even trying too hard. For this look, I decided to wear these navy blue loafers to coordinate with the navy blue strips of the sweater. Along with these Aldo navy blue aviator sunglasses. 

I would have to say this holiday season took me by surprise. I was not expecting it for it to arrive this fast, at least according to my agenda, but now that is here, there's nothing else to do than to enjoy the best out it. I hope you all enjoyed this outfit look editorial and I'll see you all in my next post. 


Vintage White Turtleneck Shirt 

Gap Grey Sweater 

Zara Burgundy Pants 

Zara Navy Blue Loafers 

Aldo Shoes Navy Sunglasses 

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