December 17, 2018

Design Shades: Gold

Gold for the gods!

Want to add a touch of luxury into your living space? Look no further and just add gold accessories. But don't worry, there are ways you can do it without breaking the bank. Inspired by the holiday festivities, gold not only brings a touch of luxury and wealth but also gives any space a more clean and sophisticated feel. 

Nothing says luxury more than gold and adding it to your living space is not only a great way to make a statement, is also a great way to add value to it. But adding gold in a smart and easy way is even more creative. Achieve it by adding yellow metal accessories like a mirror with yellow metal border, a yellow metal bar for your living room or even a yellow metal table or shelf. Yellow metal gives that illusion of real gold. You can also add a touch of gold into your walls by finding gold colored paint, but we suggest to keep it to a minimum by creating a fun pattern with it.

Another easy way to create an illusion with gold is by adding light toned items like a sofa or pillows. You can't go wrong by adding any kind of furniture in a tone color but just make sure to decorate it with outstanding accessories in a contrast color like black or dark brown. 

No matter your taste and style, gold is for everyone. It adds the perfect amount of luxury to any room, environment and works perfectly with most colors. Below are a few photos we collected to inspire your inner decorator. That's all for now, we hope everyone enjoyed this post and we'll see you all in our next one. 

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