December 3, 2018



The month of December marks the beginning of the holiday season. Regardless of how cold the temperatures get, this month we have been inspired by those locations whose holiday spirit warms the harsh cold of the winter season. 

Is hard to tell what kind of weather conditions are the best to celebrate the holiday season. No matter how hot or cold the weather is, there's no dough the holiday season always brings joy and happiness. But to those a bit cooler locations, the holiday season brings more than just joy and happiness, it also makes the harsh of the cold conditions feel warm.

We have always encouraged our readers to enjoy the beauty of nature by going outside more often. But sometimes is hard to go out because of the weather temperatures. But this holiday season a lot of us make the sacrifice of going outside, enjoy the beautiful holiday decoration and other fun outdoor activities. When you're outside enjoying yourself, you sometimes even forget how cold the weather is. Being outside also helps you appreciate how amazing nature is and how beautiful the holiday spirit is. Since is also the end of the year, is also a great way to meditate and reflect on the year past and on the new year ahead. 

Below are a few photos we gather that have inspired us and also excite us for this holiday season. Regardless of how cold it gets, we love the joy, happiness and warm feeling the holiday season bring to our towns and cities. That's all for today and we'll be seeing you all in our next post!

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