December 26, 2018

SWJV Women Look #19

New years eve party!

A new year is approaching and to welcome the year is good to feel motivated and look your best. No matter your personal style or favorite way to bring in the new year, here's a new inspiring way to help bring in the bright and shiny new year. 

When a new year is just around the corner, is good to plan your best outfit look ahead of time. Not only because a new year is approaching, but also because whatever outfit you wear to welcome the new year, will consider the first outfit look of the year. Unless you want to jinx a wardrobe fail for the whole year, looking your best is strongly suggested.

For this outfit look, we have decided to pick this beautiful and shiny mini dress by 16Arlington. Not only will this dress make you the life of the party, but also will let everyone know you're ready to start the new year the best way possible. To help you bright up the way into the new year, these glittered leather pumps will be your best friend. Or your worst depending on how much you are planning in partying.

Less is more, and for this outfit look, we decided to keep it classic and simple with the accessories. Keep your hair out of your face all night by wearing these Kenneth Jay Lane hair slides, one on each side of your hair for that elegant slick back style we all love. For earnings, we picked these lovely Jennifer Fisher silver hoop earrings for that sexy touch. We also picked this silver bracelet also from Kenneth Jay Lane to match with the rest of the jewelry. 

Remember, less is more and that is including what you carry. Start the new year light by wearing this Jimmy Choo clutch. Not only this clutch is the perfect combination between the jewelry and the dress but also puts the entire outfit look together. 

No matter your favorite way to start the new year or no matter what you wear, we wish everyone to enjoy the new year the best way possible with safety and responsibility. That's all for now and we're looking forward to seeing you all in our next post!


Draped sequined crepe mini dress 

Jennifer Fisher
Shane silver-plated hoop earrings 

Jimmy Choo
Lizzie glittered leather clutch 

Kenneth Jay Lane
Silver-tone crystal hair slides 

Kenneth Jay Lane
Rhodium-plated cubic zirconia bracelet 

Sophia Webster
Rio glittered leather pumps 

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