December 19, 2018

Waist It!

Scarfs around the waist?

I remember for my first New York Fashion Week season ever I wore a silky navy blue scarf as a belt. Ever since I have always wanted to style something like it again and recently I decided to wear this knitted grey scarf as a waistband. 

Every time I see a scarf, for some reason the only thing I can think of is the number of ways you can wear it. Obviously, it always depends on the kind of scarf and long it is, but recently I came up with the idea of wearing a knitted scarf as a waistband.

While styling this outfit look my focus was to come up with layers. The temperatures are a bit low and layers are a must for this kind of weather. I decided to stick with the warmest and softest clothing items I could think of and surprisingly, most of them turn out to be of the color grey. When putting them all together, this outfit was appearing a bit plain for my taste and need to add something to balance it all out.

While looking through my closet, I came across this vintage knitted scarf I got many years ago. I wore it the normal way a scarf should be worn but it didn't surprise me much. So I decided to wrap it up around my waist and it was the perfect touch for this outfit look. 

I think wearing the right kind of scarf around your waist to wrap up your entire look is a great way to balance out any outfit look, but also to give your look a fresh and fashionable touch. You can definitely tell I'll be playing around my scarfs this winter season and see what other cool ways I can wear them. Hope everyone enjoyed this look and I'll be seeing you all in my next post!


Forever 21 Grey Sweater 

Vintage Grey Turtleneck Shirt 

H&M Grey Pants 

Old Navy Grey Sneakers 

H&M Grey Sunglasses 

Vintage Grey Scarf 

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