January 7, 2019

Inspiring Neighborhood

A new year, a new cycle! 

Another year has started and so is a new clycle in my life. What would this new clycle be you might be wondering? It not only has to do with business, but it has to do with the way I do things in my personal life. What better place to start, than the Upper East Side! 

Is amazing to thing of how inspiring neighboorhoods can be. When it comes to the Upper East Side in New York City, not only calls for fancy luxurious apartments, it also calls for drama. Yeah, I might also be refering to the tv show "Gossip Girl". Which I finally decided to watch the rest of the seasons I had left after taking a long gap from it. Even though most of the drama and situations that happens in the show isn't always what happens in real life. I made the decision to find out myself and live my own kind of "Gossip Girl" life.

While watching the show I couldn't help from comparing the life of these characters who are influenced by a blog to our own lives influenced by social media. Having a blog myself and being on social media for many years now, I can say the internet has a major inpact on our social, professional and personal life. So for this year, I want to make avantage of this social plaform I have created for a couple of years now into something more useful and educational for myself and others. 

By the time this editorial goes up, I'll be working on one of my biggest projects yet. But before I left the city officially for a few weeks, I wanted to take a quick visit to the neightboorhood that inspired the show, The Upper East Side. Being back in this neighboorhood after watching the whole series, it did made me realized of how far I have gone and how far I have to go. But no matter what happens, I have to stick true to myself no matter what. In the words of Gossip Girl, "till next time, xoxo". 


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