January 2, 2019

What A Year '18!

2018 highlights! 

Where we are, in a new year! But before I get back to work and start taking on new projects for the new year, I want to take a quick moment to go through a few memorable moments of 2018. Here are my 2018 highlights.

January - Time To Gain Back! - The beginning of 2018 was a bit rough. Not because things were bad but because there was a lot of thinking and planning involved. Some of those plans were part bringing back a few things I let go of myself in the previous year. This also let to the decision of making a few arrangements in my working field which you will soon learn of them.

February - Blank Canvas - After all the thinking and planning making, it was time to start working. That's why for my 2018 champaign, I was inspired by a painter starting a new art piece. 2018 was my new canvas and believe me, I sure made an art piece out of it!

March/April - Of course, nothing always goes as planned! After an unforgettable luxurious weekend in New York City, I started getting really bad headaches. Hoping for it to go away after a few hours, it never went away. A week later during the first party, I was hosting at my New York City apartment, I couldn't take the pain any longer and got rush to the hospital. I was hospitalize for two weeks and under home-care for a week for early signs of myringitis. Thankfully I was feeling better after a few days of being hospitalized but because of treatment and waiting on final test results, it took me a little longer to be released. Luckily everything came back negative and I was able to move on with my life after not being able to use any electronic devices, which was neglecting me from work.

May - One More Time! - After being missing for a few weeks and not being able to do anything physical, I decided to catch up on birthday plans. I was also a bit upset because I usually like to plan things ahead of time and not having that much time to plan things made a lot of things difficult. But thanks to best people in the world, I was able to have the best birthday ever. One of them even took care of planning an amazing vacation to my desire birthday destination and surprise me with it as a birthday present. Couldn't be more happier and honored of such a gift. 

June - Silky Summer - After taking a few weeks off to take care of my health, a few weeks off to celebrate my birthday and a few weeks off to go on vacation, it was time to head back to work. Before taking any time off, I made a trip to the city of Philadelphia. Luckily for me, I catch up with a good amount of work right at the beginning of the summer season, perfect timing to talk about my style for the summer season ahead. 

July - Chinatown | NYC - When it comes to the summer season, there's no place I will rather be than in New York. A lot of people rather go on vacation far way places, but if you really think about it, I rather get to do as many things in this amazing city during the summer season and head out to warm places during the winter season. With that being said, this past summer season I got to explore areas of New York I never have visited before.

August - The Reputation - After being missed judge by someone you loved at some point in life, you will start to dough yourself in many ways. Till you realized you are more than what you think! Keeping up with my boogie reputation, I decided to embrace it and make changes to live up to it.

September - This Is The End! - Summer season might have gone by quickly. But this past summer season, I enjoyed every part of it. Bringing back summer traditions like visiting Fire Island Pines and heading out to the Hamptons were a few highlights of my summer season. 

October - New Zone - Never too late to make changes or in this case, just trying out new fashionable styles. For some reason, I'm always trying to change things up, especially when it comes to my personal style. Playing around with my style right after fashion week was the best way to start off a new season. 

November - Things I'm Thankful For In 2018 - Crazy to think the year was almost done and thinking about only ten things to be thankful for was a bit hard after having too many things to choose from. But luckily I got to summarized it into ten of them. This month was also the month I decided to take a few things more serious and adjusting to a new living made this decision more rational. 

December - Time To Leaf - To assure these plans work, I made the decision to take a break. But not the kind of break people take to relax, but the kind of break people to focus on what's is important to them. In my case this time, my new company! 

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