March 6, 2019

SWJV Men Look #21

Early Spring!

Winter season might be coming to an end soon and is good to be prepared for temperatures to be rising. Like any kind of change in life, is better to take things slow and in moderation. Here's an early spring inspired outfit look.

Most of us get excited when we start feeling the temperatures getting higher, even though we might be at the end point of the winter season, these changes can be dramatic harsh. Especially when the temperatures are high one day and low on the next one. Make a slow and moderate season transition by keeping yourself warm and dress accordingly.

For this outfit look, we decided to start off by picking a red and white striped long sleeve polo shirt from Mr.p. This is the perfect time of the year to pull off a long sleeve shirt look. Not only they will keep you warm but you can make adjustments throughout the day if it gets too warm by easily rolling up the sleeves. For pants, we decided to go with these blue trousers to coordinate the long sleeve polo shirt. Though temperatures might be increasing, is important to keep in mind to keep shorts for higher summer-like temperatures. 

To add a bit of an edgy feel to this look, we added a light beige canvas jacket. These kind of jackets are the perfect accessory to have during a season transition. They are normally light and fresh but still manages to keep you warm when needed. For shoes, we took inspiration from the canvas jacket and picked these Mr.P suede dressy shoes. Though spring is known as the rainy season before it actually pouring, is good to take advantage of this dry few days to pull off this kind of shoe material. 

Depending on how hot or cold weather temperatures are, having a beanie in hand can be helpful when it comes to cooler winds. For this outfit look, we picked this red beanie from J-crew. No matter the season, the sun will always be shining bright, protect your eyes by wearing a good pair of sunglasses like these gold-tone sunglasses from Eyevan 7285.

Jewelry is a great way to customize any outfit look. For this look, we decided to stick with silver by selecting a cute AMBUSH shark long necklace, Miansai silver bracelet, and a La Gramme silver ring. And to finish up the look, we added a fun leather belt bag to help you carry your personal needs. These kinds of bags make the perfect to-go bag because they are small but not too small and goes well with almost every outfit look.

We hope you all liked this early spring inspired outfit look and we always look forward to coming up with more inspiring outfit looks. That's all for now and we'll see you all on our next post.


Mr P. 
Striped Knitted Cotton Polo Shirt 

Maison Margiela
Canvas Jacket 

Ribbed Cashmere Beanie 

Sterling Silver Necklace 

Le Gramme
Le 5 Brushed Sterling Silver Ring 

Mr P.
Blue Wide-Leg Garment-Dyed Peached Cotton-Twill Suit Trousers 

Mr P.
Jacques Suede Derby Shoes 

Eyevan 7285
D-Frame Gold-Tone Titanium Sunglasses 

Helix Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Cuff 

Saint Laurent
Leather Belt Bag 

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