March 8, 2019

The Creation

JV's 2019 Campaign!

When I first realized I had created a platform where not only I'm able to share my creations, inspirations, and ideas but also have the ability to connect with others is something I never in my life thought could be possible. But like the phrase says, "Anything is possible if you just believe". 

For this year's campaign, I thought it would be a great idea to create something to give myself a reminder of why I created this website, what I imagine it would be and the impact it has created in my life, but most importantly, what it holds in the future.

Taking a look back at the moment I accidentally created a website on the same day as my birthday back in 2012 not knowing what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to entertain myself on my most boring birthday ever. After posting my first three posts on the same day and advertising them on my back-then so popular Twitter account, the website attracted over three thousand unique views in less than 12 hours. Having just made something out of nowhere, not even knowing what a blog was or what was the purpose of a website, that moment turned my most boring birthday ever into a life-changing moment. 

A few days later, I graduated from high school not knowing what my life would be from then on. Struggling in figuring out what I wanted in life and making these kinds of life decisions were definitely not expected. But one thing I was for sure, no matter which career path or personal decisions I would make, I would still keep my website running. I enjoyed playing around with web-design and writing posts as if it was my own personal journal. Later on, I realized I wanted to try new things and wanted to work on my personal style since I didn't have one. Not having any expectations or even thinking if someone was checking my website, my goal was to be creative and to keep challenging myself in whatever new things I may come up with. 

Today, I couldn't even count the number of achievements this website has created for me and how it has contributed to both my personal and professional life in the last six and a half years. Just in the first year along, this website went from being a hobby into being my first business. Also within the same year, I got invited to attend my first season ever of New York Fashion Week. Having the honor of being invited by a few designers to see their runway shows and even personally showing me their collections was an accomplishment I never even thought I could've achieved, especially a year after just creating something by accident. Though I might say I have been having the same kind of self-confidence and willing power that I have been having since high school, I can say now it has completely changed to something better, like believing in myself. I might be confident and have the willing power to do anything when is needed but something that took a while for me to realize was to believe in myself. As I'm writing this article and remembering how everything started and how everything has changed since then, I can say this website not only has brought me joy and success, it has also made me believe in myself and the ability to be creative and unique. 

There are a lot more things I want to create and I want to achieve in the future, in fact, there are a lot of things I'm currently working on. I can say I will be sharing all my accomplishes and disappointments one by one in my own creative way no matter what turns my professional or personal life might make as I promised myself almost seven years ago. I'm very grateful to have a platform like this one to help me create those accomplishments and most importantly, you guys! Thank you, Javi 


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