April 8, 2019



There's no secret when it comes to the spring season, rain is upon us. This month of April might be raining quite a lot more often than usual, but as rain falls down from the sky, inspiration does too. This month we are being inspired by April showers! 

Most of us might prefer a nice sunny and warm days, but not every day can be the same. Just like sunny and warm days bring positive energy to us, rainy days also brings us positive energy in a different way and even in ways we might not ever realize. Sunny and warms days normally give us the motivation to be more active and be more productive. But being active and productive all the time is not a healthy balance to anyone and not even to our planet. When it rains, not only the planet hydrates but also restores it is. During this time, it also gives us the opportunity to do the same to ourselves. 

Like we have mentioned on a few previous posts, taking breaks is a healthy thing to do after a long week of work if you're going through a stressful moment or just when you're trying to make a decision in life. Taking a break to take hydrate yourself and restore yourself is not only a great way to keep a balanced life but also your health. This time of the year, our planet is hydrating and restoring itself after a cold and harsh winter season, and just like the planet, we should all do too. 

Rainy days aren't so bad after all and they need to be more appreciated. Just like we need to appreciate our time to take care of ourselves. Next time it rains, that it easy on yourself and make the most out of a rainy day by reading a book, taking a nap or just watch the drops of the rain fall down from the sky on a quiet place. Below are a few photos we found to inspired your rainy day vibes. That's all for today and we'll see you all on our next post!

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