April 22, 2019

Out Of The Office!


Having a job that doesn't requires an actual office is both amazing and really bad too. But for the most part, I enjoy the time that I'm not actually working, or what I like to call it, "time out of the office!". 

I like to say "the world is my office", not because I can actually work remotely, but because the world itself is inspiring and inspiring myself and others is basically part of the job. But for this editorial, I wanted to mention about the time that I'm not actually working. For the most part, everything I do is somehow related to work. Whether I travel somewhere new, a social event or just eating out, anything somehow turns out to be related to work. To the point when someone asks me "When you're off" or "When you're not working", those questions are actually hard to answer. As someone with the kind of job I have, sticking to an actual work schedule is quite hard because of the tasks needed to be done. To be honest, sometimes I wish I could stick to a regular schedule, like a normal job, but later I remind myself that I'm lucky to have the job I have.

In the last few months, I put in progress a new routine that gave me the ability to have days off without affecting my work or social status. Having the ability now to be able to get tasks done on time and still have extra time for me has been a relief. This routine has also giving me the opportunity to have a more private life. Normally on those "days off", I like to just disconnect myself from the internet. That might actually sound crazy for some of you, but being on social media 24/7 for both personal and work, it can actually get to you. On these days, I try to meet up with my closest friends and go out to eat, do fun activities like going hiking, or just watch movies. But not always is about being with people and going out, there are times I like being by myself, relaxed in bed all day long. Finding a balance and knowing your limits is always important. Though isn't always easy because life is life, listening to yourself and taking care of yourself first, is not only healthy but necessary. 

When it came to picking an outfit look for this editorial, I wanted to showcase what I would probably wear if I would work at an actual office. Before I continue, I would like to mention I really don't like to dress up all the way. Meaning, I'm not a big fan of wearing a whole suit with a tie, proper shoes, socks and etc. Unless there's a reason for me to do so. I like to dress up but still somehow make it comfortable and add a touch of my personal style, like rolling up my pants and not wear socks. If you been following me for a while, you would know I like to keep it simple but yet somehow turns out looking sophisticated and sharp. 

One thing I would like everyone to take away from today's editorial is to take of yourself, physically and emotionally. If you think you need a break, take it, if you think you need to make adjustments in your life, do it. Is never too late for a restart! I hope everyone enjoys this outfit look and I'll see you all on my next look. 


Zara Light Grey Sweater 

Forever Squared Black Pants 

Zara Black Loafers 

Coming Soon!

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